“I’m like, this is actually gunna happen!” July 25th

Hello Mom!!! How is it there?! I’M MISSING MOHAVE SOOOOOO MUCH!!! But I’ll respond to everyone! But before that, here’s pics of the BEST family ever down here! Family Paz are like our greatest friends. haha Xequi is the dopest and he found my blog and I explained how it works but we took a pic with them, in their restaurant where we always go to eat empanadas and they’re sooo good and the family are our best friends. Florencia is like super chill and she’s the one holding her nephew. But the whole family is dope, but I promised that their pic would  be on the front of the blog XD So if you could do that!

Okay this week was freaking loads of fun, lots of working and had some great experiences! Besides finding some great people and just working lots—it is super fun getting to know my hijo and we’re dope. Gamber is a beast and we.re having lots of fun juntos!

But here’s the best story ever!! Okay so Sunday we had church and it was nice and normal. After we are having lunch with Fam Tolerico, they live in the pueblo like 15 mins away, we had to take a bus, I’ve been there once in a collective (bus) So I kinda had an idea. Well we got on the bus and I asked the driver if he can stop at the last stop in Toledo, he said yeah I’ll let you guys know when we’re there. SO we’re chilling in the collectivo and we’re just talking, it’s been a while but I was like no he said he’ll let us know. Well after like 20 mins, I was like I’ll go ask him to see if we’re close, the second he sees me.. OH Freak Chicos I forgot, I’ll stop right here and just wait for another bus to go back… We’re in the middle of nowhere on a sketch high way.. I’m like dude, I’m not paying for another bus, let’s start walking, we start going and I’m like hey dude, you know what I’ve always wanted to do in my mission is hitch hike, since after hearing how Steven missed his stop and had to hitch hike back, I’m like I want to do that here. So we’re walking and I have my thumb out, 2 Gringos walking in the middle of nowhere and in suits XD But 2 cars pass like 3 mins later, one car comes and stops… I’m like freak dude this is actually gunna happen. XD A gang member with his Bi?& (stop and are like what happened, I explained he said get in, this guys car, WEED and like he’s covered in tatoos, his girl is drinking XD I’m like this is the best thing ever, we ride with them for like 8 mins and they’re sooo funny, he was high, she was drunk and just started talking about how God is his best friend XD Coolest experience ever, and I can now say that I hitched hiked! The member we were gunna go eat with has a car so he called right when we got in the car and I’m like, hey we’re good we got a ride on our way, Best ride in my life! But besides that, all is great and I’m just loving the mission more and more! XD But it’s great coming up to 9 months and I’m just thinking how fast time is flying by and how much I truly love the mission and getting to know people is the best thing ever!! I hope all is well and that you’re all safe and having fun! Miss You all haha try not to have too much fun!!! 

Elder Walker


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