August 1, 2017

MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey how’s it going!! I love the mission, you know that! It’s soooo much fun being here and getting to know all these people and just teach! This last week was a little rough with lots of people falling through and just trying to find people to get to! But it’s all good. I just love getting pumped and going crazy! It’s the best being two gringos— we just have an excuse for everything and being 6’8” always can lead to a convo, it’s just crazy when people like shut the door in our face because it’s like who wouldn’t wanna talk with two kids not from here? It’s like what!?! But it’s fun just going all over the place and we got our heads up just looking for the right family and I know they’re out there!!! But glad that all is well at home and that you can keep going to the temple and enjoy that, we’ll get family names it’s sooo awesome to see people here working so hard with their family names!!! But other than that, I’m just happy I have 9 months in the mission already!!! Time is flying by and just enjoying everyday is the best because then there’s no thoughts about home at all it’s all just about the people here (I love all you guys at home don’t worry!) Just being on the street and trying to follow the spirit, it’s just you want to do all you can to find someone who is waiting for this amazing restored gospel that can literally changes lives!!! I LOVE THE MISSION!!! ARGENTINA is the best and I just find so many reasons why I wanna come back!!

I love you so much and thank you for all you’ve done and are doing!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!! 

Love your 6’8” missionary Elder Walker

Yo Big pops! well glad por la menos you had a nice time despite all the challenges but I know it’s just the jokes of being with the family that are the best part!!! Everything is great here and loving it, going all day everyday just going out to teach who we can, had a rough week last week lots of people we found all fell through with the citas so we did what we could, this week is off to a good start!! But really don’t have anyone like progressing loads, it’s all just little starters that could lead to something! But it’s all great. Not gunna lie, we have so many friends here! There’s so many families that don’t want anything with the gospel but we’re great friends with them and I love them so much, well one family the Galvas we’re teaching the son Angel who’s 18, the fam is from the DR and they’re sooooooooo amazing. I always feel home there, the mom Angela always gives us food and we usually go there at night at the end of the day and teach Angel a little then just stay till we need to go! I’m loving the mission and I just see how fast time is flying by and I have so much fun contacting and just enjoying every part of the mission!!  Hope that all goes well, it’s your bb so you get to decide, but seems like there will be some changes, maybe sell it and then buy a dope motorcycle !!! Hahaha That’s one thing I wanna learn to do down here since so many people have them and they are fun! Got to try one once, nothing on the street haha but like haha nothing it was chill but they’re awesome!!! I love the mission and just having all these experiences seeing all my friends write about how they’re studying and doing these things it’s soo cool to just be like, that’s awesome I’m in another freaking country talking a different language and teaching the best freaking gospel!! Like what the heck is better than that! I love being here and just growing I see so much in my life that the Lord has blessed me with and I couldn’t be more grateful!!!! I love you little guy!!

Elder Walker



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