July 18, 2017

Dear Mom,

Jajaja looks like you’re having lots of fun and glad all is well! I’m doing great and loving training my hijo, did you talk with his dad!? But it’s all great and we’re doing awesome— super happy and cold! XD But it’s loads of fun! Seems like there’s so much going on at home and you’re already heading to Mohave—it’s that time of the year!!! D: It’s going to suck not being there but I know it will be there when I get back, I need to tan hard core I see how white I am and yeah, it’s like bad… Really want to play water polo to get dark and ripped again so I’ll see if Rhett is still there and I can go help him out! And practice too!

But it’s all good here working and lots of laughs and Gamber and I get along great and it’s always super fun and we’re growing close with these families, I love it!! I’m happy and we’re working hard and it’s nice having someone to talk to normally XD But we’re still progressing with Spanish!!!  Love the sun cover for the Corvette XD and glad that everyone is working hard. Is dad healed up enough to be all over in Mohave!? And Steven is buying Ellie–how much, speaking of cars, will I be having a car when I get home? I know it’s far away XD But it’s an important question!!! I’m loving it here like normally and getting close with so many people here!! But love you all soooo much and be safe traveling you’ll have to send me all the pics!!! I’m trying to get the pics from my comp and everyone since I didn’t take any this week XD But thank you for everything!!!

Elder Walker

Dear Dad,

Wow, training is literally the funnest thing ever!!! Haha thanks for that dad XD It’s a progress for sure! But he’s loving it and we get along great, his Spanish is already amazing since his mom is from Coloumbia so he’s got that! But yeah, it’s freezing cold here XD Trying to wear as much as I can but there’s just wind and everything so it’s a little harsh at times all part of the fun XD It’s funny to hear that Spring will be here in September— that’s what’s weird to hearXD 

I love being here and the cold is loads of fun and a bit different but I’m doing great and working hard with my kids –it is the best and we had Angel and Jefferson come to church and it was the best thing ever to see them there and I think they really liked it! But this is the family we’re super close with and it’s so much fun being with them, I feel so home there!! But we’re doing all we can, I kinda lost my voice so my speaking isn’t the best so my kid is dong great!!! I love the mission and I know that this is sooooooo true!!!

Love you dad and thank you for everything!

Elder Walker


Elder McKay Walker and Elder Gavin Heap, San Diegans and volleyball teammates! Reunited in Argentina!




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