A Couple July Letters from the Tall Guy

July 11, 2017

All is great here dad, and Hidalgo left and I’m training here in Rio Segundo with Elder Gamber from Texas!! I thought it would’ve been super cool to be with Gavin but my comp is dope and we get along great and working super hard! I love this gospel too and it’s the best to be here and share it!! I love you dad and I’m doing all I can for him and I hope that the people can open their hearts and accept the prompting of the Holy Ghost, that’s the only way they’ll know so we do all we can!!! I love you and thank you for all you’ve done for me!!! 

Elder Walker


Hey mom! I didn’t write a letter since you never really wrote me anything XD Sorry! (That’s NOT true, he just didn’t get it 🙂 

       But all is great here in Rio Segundo! I’m loving it and yes I have my son!! Elder Gamber, another comp from Texas, I seem to have a thing going were it’s a latino and then a gringo from Texas XD I love him, he’s super dope, we get along great and we’re working soooo hard and I see us growing so much! We’re all over the place busy this first week, letting him know the members and then passing by some family investigadors! But it was a great first week and we’re back to it! Yesterday was Pday and we went to the temple and well, got there a little late and couldn’t make a session and tried to do other temple work but there were already loads of people there, so we took pictures XD We’re going again next week but we then went to this house and ate lunch and it was fun! We got back late so we didn’t have time to email so that’s why we’re doing it right now! Glad that all is well with the fam and that you had a great time at home alone and doing all that fun cali stuff that I miss! But here is super dope and I love the people and I’m growing with so many families it’s sooo much fun!! We are so pumped working and I just feel sooo good, being district leader of 4 hermanas should be fun, we’re all super close and good friends so not too much pressure but still want to be a good leader! I love the mission and time hasn’t been an issue for awhile, I’m totally focused in the work, I’m not thinking about anything else but how we can teach someone and how we’ll make time to pass by everyone! I understand now how dad feels, WE NEED MORE HOURS IN THE DAY! It’s sooo true, we want to pass by so many people but there’s never enough time! The siesta is the worst when everything is closed down so we study and wait till we can go and pass by everyone! I love the mission and love working. I see myself talking Spanish and it’s sooooo cool when I leave a house and it always hits me that I just taught them the gospel, had a conversation and it was all in SPANISH!! It’s the coolest thing, my comp’s mom is from Colombia so he’s got an idea of how it works, can understand more but talking he is a lot better than I was so he’s already talking with everyone and it’s great! Loads of people are taking pics with us and posting them on their Facebook, so everyone here in this pueblo knows us and its like the 6’8” missionary that’s here everyone is always saying hi and wants to take pics with usXD It’s funny, but everyone here knows us pretty much and going around find people they’ve already seen us before walking or on some social media! But it’s great, I love this gospel and I see how happy it’s been making me and I just want everyone to have it here, people really open their hearts seeing two gringos speaking and when we say we’re here sharing this message that we believe and know it’s true and we’re here to teach it to you, it’s sooo awesome to see the miracles he puts in our path. I love this work and being here sharing the restored gospel!

Let Marissa know that she’s going to be able to do anything if she takes the time to read the scriptures and learns from them!! It’s literally the best thing we have, and it’s the proof that all this is real!! I love the Book of Mormon!! I love teaching people about it, and seeing their face when they see us give it to them just lights up and I know that’s the key that’s going to let them know that this church is true!

I love you mom thank you for everything and I’m truly sooo happy, full of the spirit of God teaching his gospel and I couldn’t be happier to be here, and I know this is the best thing I can be doing. I asked the people that work in the bakery that we are good friends with if they know of any 19 year old kid that goes and does service (We had service this day when we went and cleaned a hoarders house for 5 hours—was a lot) they said no one and I see just how much I get the opportunity to grow and literally it’s from me forgetting about myself and serving others, just like Christ, knowing that I’m on the same mission as Christ, blows my mind and I get so much strength from it. I just want to go all day, but we have to eat and sleep and do things like that when it’s like who cares, I wanna go teach someone!!!! It’s soooooo awesome and I love this mission, and am so grateful for you and dad as parents and all my great friends I just know that you all have impacted my life so much!!! I love you and everyone soooo much and this gospel with all my heart!!!

Elder Walker


July 4, 2017

DAD!! I’m going to train and it’s crazy!! Also I’ll be district leader! So should be crazy and we’ll see how it is! Will be seeing who my comp is tomorrow and yeah!! I’m excited and nervous but know all will be okay with the faith in the Lord! I’m doing great and we went out with baptizing Miguel!!! I’m so happy and just want to work so much with my hijo, will be a great time for me to grow and improve! But seems like it was a good time with the family and glad everything worked out well and got time to be with them!! I’m working hard and now will be a big step for me so well see how it all goes!! I love you dad!!

Elder Walker




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