First Two Weeks in June

June 13, 2017

LOVE THE MISSION!!! The best time ever! I love working here and speaking a different language and knowing that this is the true church!! What else is better than speaking Spanish and talking about his restored gospel?! But it’s all great here, super cold and about that, one of our member’s dad has a huge jacket he’s looking for me! So it was perfect because the jacket that I saw that was really nice and warm was 3000 pesos or $200 more or less! So it was a total miracle when out of no where he was like Walker Ranger from Texas XD My nickname haha but I got this huge coat for you since it’s so cold I’ll look for it and give it to you!! So there’s that! All is well, about to go have the interview with Miguel so he can get baptized this Saturday!! But I’m stoked and just happy!!

Thinking a lot about home and how much I miss home but just always think about how fast this mission is and I’ll be home in no time! Want to do all I can to improve and be the most like my Savior. I just really realized how much he suffered for us and without him nothing would be possible to return to our Heavenly Father! I’m so grateful and this tiny 2 years is nothing, when he sacrificed his life for everyone!!!!!!! But it’s a great growing experience and I see how much I need to improve because I just want to be the best husband and dad and do all I can to be like him!! I’m reading more about families and what I can do to help my family and I see our branch president with his family and his 2 year old and I’m so excited for my family and to have a mini me and raise them up and hold my daughter and see the pureness in their eyes hold them close and yeah. When we helped a old lady move, it was to her new house and me and my comp talked all that night about how its gunna be like this when we have our wives looking for a house, and how special it will be! I love thinking about it, but always in the right moments I’m focused on the work but we always have our night talks and laughs!! Right now is the best time to prepare for it all and I want to learn all I can to be the best I can be! I have the best example and want to do all I can to make him happy!!! 

Love you all so much and hope that all is well and never forget that we have a loving Heavenly Father who sent his sent for us!!! 

Elder Walker


June 6, 2017

MOM!!! All is great here and doing great!!! I’m loving the mission and it’s such a great experience and it’s the best!!!!!! I love it, hard at times to think I still got a long time left but seeing how fast time is going it will be over in no time!! I’m doing lots of work and trying to better myself still, haha there’s loads of distractions hereXD But yeah it’s cold, haha but I don’t wanna use money on a jacket or gloves or a scarf or anythingXD We were in a store today and I just realize how much I miss shopping like new things and they had these dope hats and long sleeve stuff! But yeah! Crazy that Marissa is already a senior, how is she doing? Driving and all that, thoughts and everything. But I’ill be home and have the plan of working out and going to water polo to coach so I can get in shape after the mission and tan XD But need to talk to Rhett! Other than that, the plan of salvation, the 3 kingdoms of glory are the best and I love how it all depends on our decisions here on our short life, we always show the line with a tiny little bit of it our time on earth and how one bad decision for a quick happiness isn’t worth it for all eternity with our father in heaven, It’s like at a party but then you get put in time out since you did something bad, you get to see everyone else having and you know what you did was wrong and all you can do is think about while seeing everyone having fun, and how it’s like that for ever XD we have a perfect example that guided us and show us the way follow his example and we will be happy in a state of peace and perfection with our Savior! He took the pains of all of us so we can make it there, use his atonement and be made better through his atonement! There’s my thoughts!! haha Love you mom and thank you for everything!!! 


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