May 30, 2017

WHAT A WEEK!!!!! WORK WORK WORK!!!! I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTT!! Okay Johnathan and Brenda with this cute baby Isabella we’re teaching and they have loads of questions and it was just great and progressing really well! We taught the restoration this last week, and showed the video of Jose Smith and he was really touched and after the rest with our testimonies the spirit was really strong and when we ended, ( He has LOADS of questions about everything) But after he said I don’t know what I’m feeling but I like it and who knows maybe I’ll be Mormon one day! It was great and we’re excited to go back to them tomorrow! Miguel came to church again this week and we’re going great with him! Last week right after I wrote this, a 14 year old boy Juan came running to us when we were on bikes and started talking us about all his questions and it was a miracle he was in the same cyber but stoked to teach him, he’s super receptive and just wants to know the true church, and is so confused why there are so many! (Joseph Smith) He’s from Bolivia and he’s from a family of 8 so we’re going to teach him tomorrow as well. This last week was hard with him and his family working on the farm so there’s little time to find them free! But super excited!! There’s plenty other of miracle families that we’re finding, or that are finding us! I love it and know that it’s the Lord’s hand in the work!!

Saying which is how I love knowing that we’re with Him in all this, and when we’re his servants, people are gunna feel that difference with us and they’re going to be a beacon of the spirit! Which is why I feel so great just helping all these people and growing to be the best and seeing my spirit shine and truly just forgetting about myself and only wanting to help others! I love this feeling and everyday I’m trying to get rid of bad habits or anything that I was bad at before the mission so I can come back better! But I see the best way is here while I’m serving everyone here and I love it! The mission is life —changing and I never want to leave. With Elder Hidalgo we’re working so hard and I only feel true happiness and this is what every RM talks about and I love feeling it now because it’s what I wanna have these next 17 months!!! 

I miss you all and don’t worry, I’m not distracted one bit. Look at dad’s mail to see what we challenged ourselves to do to only become better!! I love this gospel and I know it is true or I wouldn’t feel as great as I do, nothing else in my life could take me away from serving my mission I know this is where the Lord needs me and where I need to be to grow to be the best!!!

Love you all!!

Your 6’8” Elder Walker

Also!! I weigh 212!!! and it’s freezing cold about 30 in the day and at night it drops hard core and it’s fun XD 

Photos are me with the tallest man in Argentina I think, but I’m still taller 😉 Other fun stuff, and I got to ride a horse! Idk if we’re not supposed to but it was super fun!!!



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