Playing Catch up…

Thank you for your patience in awaiting these letters! Between a wedding, an extra week in Utah, a husband’s total knee replacement surgery and ALL that I am doing here at home, life got a little busy! Enjoy McKay’s letters, grammar and all! Love this kid!!! xoxo 

April 25, 2017

MOM!!!!!!!! All is great, glad you liked everything, the work is going great! We baptize Angela this Friday too! So while Steven is getting married, we’ll be letting someone else enter into the kingdom 😉 She’s 11 and a ball of fire— so strong and loves the gospel! We had to battle with the step mom but we saw the power of the Lord with us as we talked to her and gave us permission! But it should be the same time at 5 in the evening is the baptism so should be great! She is stoked and so happy, makes me feel so good and she’s such a good example! But other than that, we had interviews with President and all was great because we’re doing the best we can and the Lord is with us! Working out a lot with Hidalgo! But also got some pretty good love handles! The bread is adding up XD I got back dipples now XD But wanting to get bigger! But yeah, it’s all great and yeah stoked for the 14th right ? But hope all is well–have fun take loads of pics wanna see it all! Love you!

Elder Walker

May 2, 2017

All is great and Happy as could be!!! Baptism went great! Besides I was upset I had to do it twice since the dress didn’t go all the way under. I was like ughhhhh noooooooooo!!! What luck but yeah it was really good! Glad that the wedding went well crazy to think it’s all official!! But glad it was all well!

Glad you got to spend time with Luke and Jillian. I went to the temple today for pday and it was great! Really different all in Spanish and I think at the veil they just went with it since I don’t think I said anything right XD But it was great! And good in the Celestial room.

I’m reading this marriage book about tips for you and your wife and it’s like, how to strengthen the home, How to over come obstacles, How to always have positive feedback and just like all this stuff, I found it in the church and it’s supposed to be like a class but it’s like a booklet with talks and like seccions all this stuff! I like it, it’s in Spanish so it’s like Spanish study but just like thinking about my future who I’m gunna be with and how big of a decision it really is. Seeing how long Steven took to get married I’m thinking like I might take awhile to, because I want to be the best and how much progression and preparation it takes, I see how many challenges there are and how its a lot of bonding but it’s like one wrong thing can lead to so much. I want to be the best and grow into someone the Lord wants, but I see how I want to be able to provide and have my life going before I start adding people to it. It’s like huge and crazy responsibility, but yeah! Just want to be the best and like the mission is the best time to grow and adapt change, get habits to improve and be better but it’s like there’s so much! How the heck am I gunna get married with all this stuff! Haha I know it’s not something to worry about it but it’s like that’s the next step! But I  need to get married because if I don’t its just more time to get tempted and fall into things with girls again and all that!!! UGH!! CRAZY!!! There’s so many great girls out there how could I choose one!?!?!?

But yeah, lots of thoughts, just because it’s the next step ! But love you hope all is great and that you’re feeling better!

Elder Walker

May 9, 2017

WOW WOW WOW!!! So much!! Crazy how it’s happened!?!?!? That’s so great and happy looks likes loads of fun and glad it was a good time! Miss it all but hey just gotta make mine the best of them all! WHAT!?!?!? A cat!?!? make sure that bird is safe! I hope my allergies are gone by the time I get back, or else I’ll die!! I’m great had a great baptism and was a nice first one!: Everything looks great, so happy, loving the hair of Steven! I miss my long hair and si o si letting it grow out like crazy when I get back! I’m shaving in the morning every day, and when I get back in the night it’s already grown back. Changing more and more and just wanna get bigger now! It’s crazy getting bigger but mostly love handles my comp makes pan casero and it’s so but it’s all we eat for dinner it’s soooo good!!! But it’s adding up, I regret it because I stopped taking body pics like 2 months ago since nothing was changing but now I’m getting bigger and it’s like aww crap! But it all looks great, love you all! What time are we gunna call for Mother’s Day?? Send me all the details and who I’m calling and stuff!! !Love you be safe all is great!

Elder Walker

May 12, 2017  Hey dad! Before you question me! (My comp is the district leader and he is writing informes and they take a while so Im on another comp, looking at general conference!) But the yard looks really nice good job dad! I am great and happier than ever I love it here! The work is deff going we had a splash in our area when the other missionaries in our zone come to our area and we just go contact! We have 36 news Monday and 13 fechas, days to be baptized. But this week is busier than ever so it’s a downer that he has to do informes but it’s part of being a leader but the Lord is blessing us and we’re doing all we can to go to all these people we have! I love it feel so good and truly happy in this work!

Don’t know how you’re doing it with cat… I’d say get rid of it! How is it with bird? But hey maybe get a dog instead and then you’ll like it too! But then there’s so much yard stuff to do if you get a baby now teach it not to destroy anything there ya go! But that’s easier said than done I know XD Hahaha stick with birds and fish! But hope that all goes well, in the future you’ll change to robo cop! Then all you body will be metal and won’t feel a thing and be like 10 x stronger! But haha maybe in the future, or when Jesus comes and just get a perfect body!

But I’m great and hope that you’ll be okay, seems like a lot to do, maybe to pass the time for rehab you can buy an xbox 1 and start playing some games 😉 Then after just store it away for me when you’re up and moving again! Just an idea 😉 But love you so much and well talk more Sunday little guy!

Elder Walker


May 16, 2017

All is great and I truly just want to be the best, sorry that you got crap from others for talking to me! But meant a lot 3 hours on the mission doesn’t seem like anything but I know it’s a lot more back at home! But I’m trying to better myself and see what I can learn and try to find a miracle every day!! I will study that, but glad you’re enjoying the rain, here we have storms, then wet streets and mud XD It’s all mission fun, I want to buy a scarf that if Augustin doesn’t give me his I was wearing 😉 Think he will. But yes Elder Hidalgo is the best and I love him, we are planning how it will work when I come back to visit 😉 You, me, Jillian, Luke and dad if he wants. Hahaha we’re doing the math and how I might come down to his wedding haha. It’s great and we really are so close, I don’t want to leave because that means 1. I’ll get someone new and 2. I’ll leave the area. But we’ll see! But you mean loads to me, mom, and really wouldn’t be who I am without you as such a great example with you and dad, seeing all the other families I know all these people here and just seeing how patient you were with me. I’m sorry!!! I don’t know how you guys did it, but hey here I am so that is all that matters. I truly want to come back and be the best in every aspect of my life for my future wife and kids, I want to live a Christlike life no matter what challenges come, I want to improve my optimism because there’s so much evil, I always want to be happy! There’s so much to improve and change and while I’m here is the best time. I want to come back 100000000000000 times better than I was and be someone that Christ wants me to be. It seems so easy but I see there’s so much we do every day that can always be better. I know anything is possible, I just want to have the answers for everything so I can help everyone and just be like Christ. This mission is so great and 6 months feels like nothing. I truly want to take all this time as a blessing because 2 years is long but it seriously flies by and I want to do as much as I can while I’m here!!!!!! Thank you for everything and for always being there for me!!!

Your son,

Elder Walker

Haha it was great talking to you dad!! Thanks so much for everything. But thank you for all you’ve done, and yeah that sounds fine to me!! But wow, I’m sorry that your knee has been so bad, any blessings or anything? But hope it all gets work out, but like I said an xbox 😉 wouldn’t be a bad time killer! Hahah But hope it’s all worked out maybe try a knee company I have no idea how it works but yeah XD But yeah I know I’m excited and focused… was a good time to talk but we were both ready to come back and work!

Love you for everything little guy! 

Elder Walker

May  23, 2017

All is great and I’m just sooooooo Happy !!!!! I love it here and am truly seeing the blessings of sharing the gospel! It’s the best thing ever to see people change from the gospel and others slowly accept it and others we’re finding and teaching in the street!!

The people here are so great, apart from the crazy drivers and funny old men XD But it’s all great! There are short doorways and now I have a Harry Potter scar due to a nice cabinet, Argentina 1 McKay 0. But it’s all fun. Hidalgo and me and are getting along great and the good news is we’ll be together here another 6 weeks! I love it and just want to help everyone here! 

Glad that everyone is good at home and being taken of!!

I’m just so happy and don’t know how to explain it, It’s truly the best right now, I’m growing so much and only wanting to better myself in every way to come back the best I can be!! I’m truly blessed to be here and thank you for all that you’ve done for me to raise me in the gospel. I’m still reading the book and I’m at the part about kids and just think how it’s such a challenge to be perfect examples and how there’s so many trials in the world that the world wants us to think is okay, and what people think a family is, but how the home needs to be the best place for kids to learn and grow! It’s so true and I want to be the best for my family!! Makes me think about Keith and Emily and how that can happen, I just don’t know how anyone could live without the knowledge and happiness of the gospel, that is truly such a blessing in our lives. 

I think a lot about the apostasy and how terrible it was without the restored gospel in people’s lives and what terrible times it was! It makes me so happy to bring this message to everyone we meet and it’s something new, and they love it and find the truth in it! And the best part is, it’s not from us, we bring the message’ but hearing about how people have received their answer through praying to find if it’s true! 

There is NOOOOOO doubt in my mind, this sacrifice is 110% worth it to bring these families happiness for now and eternity! I love it so much and know it’s the biggest part of my life. I love the first lesson because it’s how God is our loving Heavenly Father and then after is how it blesses the families and bring happiness and it’s the truest thing ever!!! I love it!

I love you mom and dad so much thank you for all you’ve done for more! You’re truly the best and all my friends and family that have helped me grow and become better!

I’m truly sorry for any wrong I’ve every done and I know I can never repay you but I hope that you can forgive me, I was young and do not know nearly as much as I do now and I hope that I can some how make it up to you! I love you all sooooo very much and know I’m not who I am without all of you that have been part of my life!!

Your 6’8” Elder Walker


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