April 18, 2017

Loving the area! I’m in Rio Segundo, east of Cordoba! Our church is a houseXD It’s new but a cool experience! I’m loving it! Elder Hidalgo is amazing and we’re working sooooo hard and have so many new families and so much potential. This area hasn’t had a baptism since June of last year and we have 1 for sure set up for the 29th and we’re trying to get the brother and sister ready too but Angela is for sure. She’s 11 and has such a great testimony. We have contacted and have some amazing families or part of families and it’s sooo good. I’m just soo happy and feel so good! Me and Elder Hidalgo are working hard and yes being exactly obedient! I see the Lord working with us and preparing so many people! I have to give blood for my first time here, well don’t have to, there’s a church blood drive and we’re doing it… so little sketched since I’ve never done it and now it’s in a different country! But okay, we have Facundo and Luciana Rosa. Then there’s Cora, we have Bianca and her dad who we just found and they’re great! Sarah and Floriena, two sisters who live in a train! It’s like this train thing that’s for show but this family is in there XD But that’s who we’re hoping can progress. Thank you for everything! I’m so happy and love this work. I’m really progressing with Espanol and it’s all just great! Feel so good and happy and everything!!!

Elder Walker


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