He’s in Rio Cuarto


MOM!!!! This week was crazy and really just super sad and crazy!!! So we had a nice week, we got to have zone conference and that was fun to see all my other elder friends and learned a lot! We then had some intercambios with the ZLs that went good! And then headed up to Oncativo for hma Mundaca since she was going home but when we got there the family Sarmiento, the one who made me the cake, her daughter had her mission call opening!!!! So we were there for that,  and while there, president Correa called me, and then wanted me to be a Zone Leader in Rio Cuarto!!! It’s crazy!!! So Gamber was all happy for me and the hermanas tambien!!! But we then had a party with the hermanas, made some food ate and talked!!! It was crazy fun and then!!! Well knowing that I was leaving got to pass by everyone which was the hardest thing ever… I got to go see everyone and it was sad, lots of families crying hugging and it was like I was leaving home again… I love everyone there and I want to go back si o si for them!!! Familia Paz, Angel and his family, the Chilenos, They are became such a great part of my life!!! But after the goodbyes and packing up!!! Today I made it to my new area and I’m living in a 6 man pension!!!! XD It’s crazy.  My comp is from Paraguay his name is crazy hard XD I’ll send it next week I promise!!! But yeah I’m stoked got a lot to do and I wanna change a lot and grow as much as I can!!!! Love the mission–today I reach 11 months!!! It’s crazy how fast time is flying by!!! I’m already a Zone Leader with such little time so got a lot to fill!!! But I’m ready I realize how much I love it here and I’m ready to go to work with my new comp!!!!! Love you all miss you, I’ll try to spot you guys on TV then!!! Love you be safe!!!

Elder Walker

(Our family is attending LDS General Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah this weekend! Watch it here:  https://www.lds.org/?lang=eng ) 


The Birthday Boy! 9/12 and 9/19

September 12, 2017 (The day before his birthday…)

HEY MOM!!!! Hahaha got into my email with over 40 emails haha XD I was quite shocked!!! But it was good to see everyone write! I’m actually sick right now XD It came and got me but it’s nothing toooo serious, just a fever and chills, lots of sneezing as well! But it’s all good! So this week I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy the guitar, we went to places and they had nice ones for super loads, all the cheap ones sold, that’s what I want for my first one, but tomorrow I think I’ll be buying since I called the place to save me one!! So I’m stoked!! I also may have bought these two really nice Córdobe ties that look reallyyyyyyyy good! But I can’t wait to be 20! It’s crazy and just shows how much I’m growing, time is flying by and it’s crazy to think that I’m almost at a year>!! Then next year I’ll be turning 21 and be coming home in a month!!! But still got loads of time to be part of this amazing work! 

We’re working hard, it’s a little sad we’re working loads, but it’s sad to know that I’ill be leaving from Rio Segundo since I’ve been here for 6 months, but I’m blessed to be here for my birthday. All of Angel’s family wants to celebrate with loads of asados! Then family Paz, we’re working out things with them, I know they’re probably the best families and seriously mean sooooooo much to me, I love them so much! They’re going to be missed loads, and just cannot wait till I come back to visit!!!! 

Thank you for all you’ve done for me and I’m just here improving and working for the Lord which sounds great to me!! Love it here and just talking in Spanish blows my mind!! Well I still get the whole I don’t understand you from people, but it’s a process! I sometimes talk tooooo fast for them XD Which I think is kinda funny! But Love it here and what other one of my friends is celebrating their birthday in a different country serving the Lord? I love this experience and couldn’t be happier!!

Elder Walker

HEY DAD!!!! 20 years old I can’t believe I made it either!! But love it here—deff a super cool experience!!! All is going well besides being a tad bit sick!!! But I’m pretty sure I’m leaving. It’s been 6 months in this area! Transfers are the 25th of this month! But glad everything is going well for the least! But you’re staying plenty busy! But it’s funny, the church is getting fixed and they’re putting in tile and when I see it, I’m like they didn’t use the spacers and I see that you have taught me some things, I just think… My dad can do this better XD But it’s all fun down here, got some parties planned for your 6’8” giant!!! I’m happy and just ready to work as much as I can before I leave this area, only means more adventures to come!! But be safe I love ya so much thank you for everything you’ve done to make me get here!!!!!

Elder Walker

September 19, 2017


All is going great, well this last week I was in bed ’til Friday but I’m good now and don’t need to worry!!! Got to have some great families celebrate with for my birthday and got some little goodies and it was great! We’re working with Angel more and more but he’s pretty much just progressing solo!! This last Sunday he got the priesthood and is more than excited to bless the sacrament this next Sunday!!! I love it here but I think that I’ll be leaving this next week since we got transfers but we got the families already starting to be sad, I hate it because I love them soooo much and it’s just wonderful how much I’ve been able to impact their lives through the Savior! It’s truly amazing to see how the Lord works through me and how all these people are going to be part of my life forever!! I love the mission and this next year is going to be flying by, I feel, and I just want to do all I can before my time as a 24/7 servant of him is up!!! Besides that, I’m great and extremely happy!!!! Here’s some pics!!!

Elder Walker LOVE YOU!!

p.s (What was the whole Disneyland trip without knowing?) (Oops, I “forgot” to tell him we took the entire family to D-land for our Christmas present!)

DAD, WOW!!! Seems like so much fun XD But glad all was worked out and was nice!! But I’m doing great, it was just a little cold but I’m fine now!! There’s nothing to worry about since I’m 20 😉 But all is going great, and I think this is my last week here in Rio Segundo!! But it has been great–going out with a boom!!!! Love it here and just excited what more there is, Angel just received the priesthood and is more than excited to bless the sacrament this upcoming Sunday!!! Haha I love it here sooooo much thank you for everything!!

Elder Walker

Thank you to EVERYONE who shared your messages of love and encouragement with my baby boy! He loves you and appreciates you so much–me too! xoxo ~ Marsi, McKay’s momma

September 5, 2017

Elder Gamber, President Correa (their Mission President), Elder McKay Walker

Glad that all is great and yes, doing amazing over here!! This last Sunday we had the confirmation of Angel and it’s sooooo great to see him grow, and he came being sick but wanted to come since he know it’s what he needed to do! His desire and growth amaze me and just bring me soooo much joy! He’s my brother and means sooo much to me!! Me and my comp study in the mornings and reading in Spanish is helpful. Normally I understand it all but if there’s a word I don’t know, I always just have my dictionary right there! 

Glad you got to see all the teachers and haha I was just thinking this week about sooo many memories I have of my childhood, when we would go with you in the stroller and go through that little part that we always thought Tarzan lived XD And then all the Limos we called stick cars, when me and dad made my pinewood derby car! Just lots of those things and how wow, You guys rocked XD It made me think a lot about my family and just seeing how I was raised! I’m still reading in that future life book XD it’s what I call it, and just seeing on how to raise your family—strong points they should have, my responsibilities, just there’s so much and I’m thinking how I have to choose a wife that’s going to need to be able to raise our children while I’m out working…. Just sooo much and I think how dad scored with you, mom XD Since I look at how crazy I was and everything I did as a kid, trying to pull off babysitters’ pants and hiding in Walmart or any store, walking home from football practice at 9 at night, taking me to these little soccer games that were the dumbest things ever XD (Still don’t know why I ever wanted to play soccer) All those baseball games, sleepovers with friends after elementary school, with Austin, Trevor, Isaiah, Dawson, haha picking me up after, playing at Brian’s…. SO MANY THINGS!!! It just blows my mind how you dealt with it all, people here are asking how many kids I want and it’s like, I want like 4-6 and I’m thinking like oh heck… I don’t know if I could even handle me… But it’s just I see I have to grow so much and I have to choose an eternal companion….. Don’t even start me on how I’m going to do that…. Still have so much of life yet and I just want all of it to go well, and I’m not ready for problems of life haha. Just a lot to look forward to!

But more on the mission— I just want to grow! Elder Gamber and I have gotten really close and he and Cook and Fehlberf are probs my best homies I have haha in my life! But it’s like I want to be doing a little bit better. I know we have our moments and we work all the time but I want to be the best I can, but we’re such close friends it’s kinda hard to make some changes but it’s chill! I’m about to leave and I’ll have time to make the changes and improve as much as I can! I see there are lots of things I need to improve still and just want to be perfect already but having imperfections is part of life!!!! Just want to be like the Savior as well and live as he would, I love making people happy so that makes this work sooooo much better really just focused on the people!

Got to celebrate the birthday of Angela, who is Angel’s mom and she’s pretty much our mom, whenever we go over she always calls us her white babies XD We call her mom and it’s the best! Was great to be there for that, reminds me of our family parties.. well they had alcohol but we’re working on it, hahaha Angel’s good but the family is the process 😉 

Also, we got to have interviews with President. They went really well and just pumped me up and I just want to do all I can to be a good leader, I think I think a lot different than a lot of missionaries which for everyone (looks bad) But I just have a different way to think and it’s not all about baptisms and numbers but yeah! We’ll see. haha I know we’re all doing the same work so it’s great!!! 

Made another lemon cake from scratch and it turned out well and tasted great too 😉 

Today while we were in Cordoba, we met these two guys from Africa and they loved how tall I was and we became instant buddies haha! We’re already on a brother level and with Africans that’s some serious friendship 😉 

Love the mission!!

Elder Walker

Thanks Dad!! Yes, we’re trying to get him ready and prepped for the temple and it’s awesome to see how much desire he has. We just confirmed him Sunday and he was sick and everything and still came!!! I love him sooo much and the family is sooooo loving—it’s the best and I just know that all his family will one day be there, it’s a process but Angel I know was a start to something great!!! I love the work and it’s like his progress is helping me soooo much to see how numbers don’t matter at all, it’s the quality that’s going to help fortify the kingdom of God!!! I love being here and hope all is well at home. I miss you guys but know that I’m well and want to do all I can for this year!!! Time yeah is like there! I’m almost at my year mark but still going!!

Elder Walker

Angel Got Baptized!

August 29, 2017

ANGEL GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best day ever, and one of the happiest days! I still am overwhelmed with joy and pure happiness for Angel I cannot describe! So we’ve been working with him for awhile and it’s been great! He wanted time to receive an answer so we gave him his time!!! Well, after 2 weeks he said he was ready and let’s go! The plan we worked out was that Stake Conference is coming up and we would have it after since the zone leaders had their baptisms going on! So it would be a super great event! Well here was the catch, Angel works every day in a bar, he starts at 7 in the night and gets off at like 7 in the morning. So we told him we’ll come by to make sure he doesn’t fall asleep so he can come with us, and we had to take a van to Cordoba, but he had just finished working so he came back dead and we were trying to motivate him to get ready since we had to go! He was soooooooooooo tired, he went to talk to his mom and I just said a little prayer that he will get the energy to go! He came out and said,  “Okay, let me get ready!” It was like yessssssssssssss!!!! So we get to stake conference and he’s soooo tired but was ready! He wanted to go, he promised us and everything! But after everything we went to get changed and then we took all the pictures and it was awesome! His girlfriend showed up with her family and it was sooooooo great!!! Everything was sooooooo spiritual and I was just soooooo happy I couldn’t even explain it! I’m sooo proud of him and his faith and determination. After the baptism he was just saying thank you so much that we came to get him on the right path and that he just feels soooo good. It was the best thing ever and he means sooooo much to me, he’s like my brother and I just love him so much!!

      It was amazing other than that we’re doing great working and trying to find others who can be ready! I love the mission and I know this is the Lord’s work and it was sooo great after so much that we could help Angel and everything!

Glad to see that everything is going well and that you guys are having fun with everything!!! I’m trying my best to be the best but yes, I still mess up and need to improve! Also If you could keep up a with my Instagram! And don’t deny anyone mom XD It’s still my Insta XD But I love you!

Elder Walker


August 22, 2017

MOM!!!! THANK YOU!!!! But if you could send like $150 the guitar is like 1990 pesos! Yeah I wouldn’t want you to ship it XD It’s here and yeah!  And I would get a case for it too since I wanna learn sooo bad!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! 

       I didn’t get to see the eclipse but heard about it, haha don’t think anyone saw it here. Glad to hear that all is well at home and that everyone has stuff to do and yeah I would want money before anything! Bet Marissa’s driving is fun, but does she still brake and accelerate super fast? She’ll get it down, I mean I did XD 

     It was so funny— the mom of the Paz family, we always go there to buy our empanadas and she’s like come here come here look look look! She then went to Facebook and showed me those pics of you with dad on Facebook! Which reminds me mom, if you could post some pictures on Instagram and put in my bio my email! And put some pics on Facebook too! I love how everyone here wants to be friends with me and then the entire familyXD They’re like this is your mom’s and send a friend request! I printed out the pics and all I’ll get is HOW OLD IS YOUR MOM?! SHE LOOKS LIKE A MODEL! So hope that can make you feel better. But so glad that you guys had a good time in my future car 😉 But I’ve been thinking a lot about the future and what I’m going to do! There’s a super cool Hermana here she’s Hermana Gilbert and she’s talking about going to BYU Hawaii! I was like wait if I don’t play volleyball why would I want to go to BYUI where it’s ice cold when there’s Hawaii!!! I know I got accepted already to BYUI but is there a way, or contacts that we can like get out of that, and then I could maybe try to get into BYU Hawaii??!!! That would beeeee soooo nice and there, it’s not a huge dating and marriage school, it’s all chill and laid back!! Which sounds perfect to me!! Just some ideas, I would want to play volleyball of course but that’s like a number 1 back up plan! Haha maybe I could do some Cutco knives but we’ll see, still got lots of time to think and see XD 

     Glad the house is going well and yes focus on Marissa and what she needs so she can grow and be ready for life ALONE!!!! Got to let the baby ducks go!! 

    I love it here so much and it’s just the mission, hard days and great days. It’s His work so we just got to follow His will and go where He needs us! I love that I can see I’ve grown so much and it’s like because I’m so worried about me but I’m worried about all the people here and how I just want to help them, and how my time here is flying by!!! I’m almost half way done with my mission!! THEN IT’S OVER!!! That’s it, I love the families here! They show so much love to us and I just want to stay with them, because saying how I’m leaving in 5 weeks you see them get so sad and how they have let me into their family and how they mean sooo much to me, I just want to bring them all to the states to live with us! I tell them all that they’re welcome to our house anytime! So I hope we can make room for some families! I’m coming back to visit si o si! I love Argentina and all the families here! The mission is such an amazing experience to share the restored gospel and always to make an impact in people’s lives. I know that I will miss everyone here sooo much, I just wish I could stay here in Rio Segundo my entire mission because the people here are amazing! I love it here more and more, I know that the Lord puts everyone in our path for a reason and I’m sooo blessed to have to chance to get to know so many great people! I LOVE THE MISSION! It’s the best place and you’re right mom, it’s the Lord’s work and He is ready to bring together his sheep! He will come again! We have the choice to be ready or not!! I love the fact that I can be his servant and do his will to help the people here and help his children!!

     I love you mom and everyone back home! You’re all the best and I’ll come back, don’t worry but I’m here because I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, and that this is His work and I have the chance to serve Him!!!

Your 6’8” Elder Walker!! 

Hey dad! All is great down here, and that talk last week was perfect for my district meeting and it was super cool! Thanks for all you’ve done to help me, we’re just doing the mission here! Nothing tooooo new haha this last week was something XD We had a splash were some other missionaries came to our area to do like a huge contact spree! It was really good we found lots of news! But later that day we went looking for everyone Thursday and Friday… Not one person opened a door, even on contacts, it’s like every house we went to was just empty! It was sooo crazy and I just think okay God works in mysterious ways XD But it’s all good, we’re not discouraged but it’s all good and we’re doing all we can! I love it here and just want to help Angel get baptized and it is just a process! I love the work we do and it’s just like crazy how I could be soooo tired but just feel happy since I know I’m doing all this on an act of faith, it is something I believe is true and I’m a 19 year old kid in a different country speaking a different language—it always just blows my mindXD But I love you and thank you for everything! 

Elder Walker

8/8 & 8/15

August 8, 2017

Dude!!! The mission is the best! We got some dope new people to teach and we’re getting Angel ready for his baptism!!! But listen to this, he came to church this last Sunday and he’s like, “Hey can I wear you plaque?” I’m like, “Sure man” and it just happened to be the day that there was the baby blessing of the new baby of the branch President. But all the friends and family that came were all calling him Elder Walker XD And it was the funniest thing ever! I just went with it! But yeah had to explain to everyone after that he was an investigator and was superrrrrrr funny! I love it when we have lots of little miracles happening! We had one day literally everything fell through and we went to contact and we were just getting rejected by everyone!!! But after lots of struggling and personal prayers, (it’s hard since being a trainer you got to always stay positive and show your son how no matter what just gotta keep going), but after a full day of nothing it was getting to me, he saw it in me, and I was really just questioning why I’m here thinking to myself how is it a full day with no one, I’m praying and praying God something, where are you, just want one person so we can keep going, still nothing, I felt abandoned and just wanted to go back home, but we wanted to go pass by Angel, and when we first got there he left and was gone for like 10 mins and we were about to just leave since it was like I just want to sleep this day sucked… But then God made sure to bless his servants and Angel came back said I have some questions and got to teach him about baptism and it was the best lesson I had in the mission. We taught and then just the spirit was sooo strong, he ended with a prayer and it was the best day in the end for that one lesson. It was funny because after having lunch with a fam, my son shared the scripture, in 1 nefi 5 when Sariah is doubting Lehi and saying you have killed our sons and now we’re going to die, it’s kinda what happened to us, we felt like we were left and just wasting our time, but at the end of the day, “Our sons came home” and we got the lesson and saw that God is always with us! Was great and just helped me grow since I see that it’s always His time and he will let us struggle and get to our lowest point and then right when we’re about to break, he will show us his immense love and help us if we truly ask! But yeah, I love the mission and me and my son are getting along great and having a blast and he’s learning a lot and we get to have loads of fun together and work hard!!! 

I hope all is well and I’ll keep praying for you guys! Hope all works out and that you will be okay! I love you and hope that you can be safe and don’t get to jacked up, I still need to wrestle against you and beat you!!! 😉 

Elder 6´8 Walker 


August 15, 2017 

Hi Mom!!!! All is great and the mission is glorious and full of freaking miracles! I love it and just the feeling I get I just wanna go ham and work super hard! It’s the best to be here, and it’s like time is flying by! It’s almost my freaking birthday mom!! Like what!! It’s almost been a year and then I be coming home! Like what!?!?! Why is time so fast when you’re having so much fun!! I want to do all I can with no regrets and just enjoy all I can while I’m here, speaking of which I need to learn a lot!! One of the things I would like to learn is the guitar;) Which would be a dope present!!! You can send me money so I can buy one 😉 But I love growing and just becoming better!!! I love you and hope all is well thank you for everything!!! You rock !!!!

Elder Walker 

ps I made a dope lemon cake from scratch and turned out really good!

Thanks dad, that really hit me and opened my eyes a lot! Glad to see all is well at home and that everything is busy and staying fun! But here, Angel we’re still working with him, he’s at the point where he wants a for sure answer that this is what he should do!  So we’re working with him, but it’s a new transfer!!! And well, yesterday to start we went looking for old invesigadors!!! Well let me tell you after lots of prayer and everything, the Lord blessed us alright! Found loads of new people that were so interested and it was like 10 news in just one day!!!! It was amazing and I’m excited to start like this, it will be my last transfer here!!! But I’m stoked because the people here are the best and they are all talking about celebrating my B day since I’ll be here for it! So I’m stoked and we’ll see how it all goes ready to work hard and just going where the Lord wants us!!! I love the mission and just feeel sooooooo freaking good!!! I love it, I see I’m missing a lot but its all worth it since I know I’m here for the right reason!!! I love you, I’m praying for you and everyone!!! Be safe hey can you send like a pic of the yard like completely I need that and if you want a dope pic of your pond! And maybe you and mom with you car 😉 Love you!!

Elder Walker

He’s just Mckay, that’s all I can say~ and I love him, xoxo Momma Marsi 

August 1, 2017

MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey how’s it going!! I love the mission, you know that! It’s soooo much fun being here and getting to know all these people and just teach! This last week was a little rough with lots of people falling through and just trying to find people to get to! But it’s all good. I just love getting pumped and going crazy! It’s the best being two gringos— we just have an excuse for everything and being 6’8” always can lead to a convo, it’s just crazy when people like shut the door in our face because it’s like who wouldn’t wanna talk with two kids not from here? It’s like what!?! But it’s fun just going all over the place and we got our heads up just looking for the right family and I know they’re out there!!! But glad that all is well at home and that you can keep going to the temple and enjoy that, we’ll get family names it’s sooo awesome to see people here working so hard with their family names!!! But other than that, I’m just happy I have 9 months in the mission already!!! Time is flying by and just enjoying everyday is the best because then there’s no thoughts about home at all it’s all just about the people here (I love all you guys at home don’t worry!) Just being on the street and trying to follow the spirit, it’s just you want to do all you can to find someone who is waiting for this amazing restored gospel that can literally changes lives!!! I LOVE THE MISSION!!! ARGENTINA is the best and I just find so many reasons why I wanna come back!!

I love you so much and thank you for all you’ve done and are doing!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!! 

Love your 6’8” missionary Elder Walker

Yo Big pops! well glad por la menos you had a nice time despite all the challenges but I know it’s just the jokes of being with the family that are the best part!!! Everything is great here and loving it, going all day everyday just going out to teach who we can, had a rough week last week lots of people we found all fell through with the citas so we did what we could, this week is off to a good start!! But really don’t have anyone like progressing loads, it’s all just little starters that could lead to something! But it’s all great. Not gunna lie, we have so many friends here! There’s so many families that don’t want anything with the gospel but we’re great friends with them and I love them so much, well one family the Galvas we’re teaching the son Angel who’s 18, the fam is from the DR and they’re sooooooooo amazing. I always feel home there, the mom Angela always gives us food and we usually go there at night at the end of the day and teach Angel a little then just stay till we need to go! I’m loving the mission and I just see how fast time is flying by and I have so much fun contacting and just enjoying every part of the mission!!  Hope that all goes well, it’s your bb so you get to decide, but seems like there will be some changes, maybe sell it and then buy a dope motorcycle !!! Hahaha That’s one thing I wanna learn to do down here since so many people have them and they are fun! Got to try one once, nothing on the street haha but like haha nothing it was chill but they’re awesome!!! I love the mission and just having all these experiences seeing all my friends write about how they’re studying and doing these things it’s soo cool to just be like, that’s awesome I’m in another freaking country talking a different language and teaching the best freaking gospel!! Like what the heck is better than that! I love being here and just growing I see so much in my life that the Lord has blessed me with and I couldn’t be more grateful!!!! I love you little guy!!

Elder Walker


“I’m like, this is actually gunna happen!” July 25th

Hello Mom!!! How is it there?! I’M MISSING MOHAVE SOOOOOO MUCH!!! But I’ll respond to everyone! But before that, here’s pics of the BEST family ever down here! Family Paz are like our greatest friends. haha Xequi is the dopest and he found my blog and I explained how it works but we took a pic with them, in their restaurant where we always go to eat empanadas and they’re sooo good and the family are our best friends. Florencia is like super chill and she’s the one holding her nephew. But the whole family is dope, but I promised that their pic would  be on the front of the blog XD So if you could do that!

Okay this week was freaking loads of fun, lots of working and had some great experiences! Besides finding some great people and just working lots—it is super fun getting to know my hijo and we’re dope. Gamber is a beast and we.re having lots of fun juntos!

But here’s the best story ever!! Okay so Sunday we had church and it was nice and normal. After we are having lunch with Fam Tolerico, they live in the pueblo like 15 mins away, we had to take a bus, I’ve been there once in a collective (bus) So I kinda had an idea. Well we got on the bus and I asked the driver if he can stop at the last stop in Toledo, he said yeah I’ll let you guys know when we’re there. SO we’re chilling in the collectivo and we’re just talking, it’s been a while but I was like no he said he’ll let us know. Well after like 20 mins, I was like I’ll go ask him to see if we’re close, the second he sees me.. OH Freak Chicos I forgot, I’ll stop right here and just wait for another bus to go back… We’re in the middle of nowhere on a sketch high way.. I’m like dude, I’m not paying for another bus, let’s start walking, we start going and I’m like hey dude, you know what I’ve always wanted to do in my mission is hitch hike, since after hearing how Steven missed his stop and had to hitch hike back, I’m like I want to do that here. So we’re walking and I have my thumb out, 2 Gringos walking in the middle of nowhere and in suits XD But 2 cars pass like 3 mins later, one car comes and stops… I’m like freak dude this is actually gunna happen. XD A gang member with his Bi?& (stop and are like what happened, I explained he said get in, this guys car, WEED and like he’s covered in tatoos, his girl is drinking XD I’m like this is the best thing ever, we ride with them for like 8 mins and they’re sooo funny, he was high, she was drunk and just started talking about how God is his best friend XD Coolest experience ever, and I can now say that I hitched hiked! The member we were gunna go eat with has a car so he called right when we got in the car and I’m like, hey we’re good we got a ride on our way, Best ride in my life! But besides that, all is great and I’m just loving the mission more and more! XD But it’s great coming up to 9 months and I’m just thinking how fast time is flying by and how much I truly love the mission and getting to know people is the best thing ever!! I hope all is well and that you’re all safe and having fun! Miss You all haha try not to have too much fun!!! 

Elder Walker

July 18, 2017

Dear Mom,

Jajaja looks like you’re having lots of fun and glad all is well! I’m doing great and loving training my hijo, did you talk with his dad!? But it’s all great and we’re doing awesome— super happy and cold! XD But it’s loads of fun! Seems like there’s so much going on at home and you’re already heading to Mohave—it’s that time of the year!!! D: It’s going to suck not being there but I know it will be there when I get back, I need to tan hard core I see how white I am and yeah, it’s like bad… Really want to play water polo to get dark and ripped again so I’ll see if Rhett is still there and I can go help him out! And practice too!

But it’s all good here working and lots of laughs and Gamber and I get along great and it’s always super fun and we’re growing close with these families, I love it!! I’m happy and we’re working hard and it’s nice having someone to talk to normally XD But we’re still progressing with Spanish!!!  Love the sun cover for the Corvette XD and glad that everyone is working hard. Is dad healed up enough to be all over in Mohave!? And Steven is buying Ellie–how much, speaking of cars, will I be having a car when I get home? I know it’s far away XD But it’s an important question!!! I’m loving it here like normally and getting close with so many people here!! But love you all soooo much and be safe traveling you’ll have to send me all the pics!!! I’m trying to get the pics from my comp and everyone since I didn’t take any this week XD But thank you for everything!!!

Elder Walker

Dear Dad,

Wow, training is literally the funnest thing ever!!! Haha thanks for that dad XD It’s a progress for sure! But he’s loving it and we get along great, his Spanish is already amazing since his mom is from Coloumbia so he’s got that! But yeah, it’s freezing cold here XD Trying to wear as much as I can but there’s just wind and everything so it’s a little harsh at times all part of the fun XD It’s funny to hear that Spring will be here in September— that’s what’s weird to hearXD 

I love being here and the cold is loads of fun and a bit different but I’m doing great and working hard with my kids –it is the best and we had Angel and Jefferson come to church and it was the best thing ever to see them there and I think they really liked it! But this is the family we’re super close with and it’s so much fun being with them, I feel so home there!! But we’re doing all we can, I kinda lost my voice so my speaking isn’t the best so my kid is dong great!!! I love the mission and I know that this is sooooooo true!!!

Love you dad and thank you for everything!

Elder Walker


Elder McKay Walker and Elder Gavin Heap, San Diegans and volleyball teammates! Reunited in Argentina!



A Couple July Letters from the Tall Guy

July 11, 2017

All is great here dad, and Hidalgo left and I’m training here in Rio Segundo with Elder Gamber from Texas!! I thought it would’ve been super cool to be with Gavin but my comp is dope and we get along great and working super hard! I love this gospel too and it’s the best to be here and share it!! I love you dad and I’m doing all I can for him and I hope that the people can open their hearts and accept the prompting of the Holy Ghost, that’s the only way they’ll know so we do all we can!!! I love you and thank you for all you’ve done for me!!! 

Elder Walker


Hey mom! I didn’t write a letter since you never really wrote me anything XD Sorry! (That’s NOT true, he just didn’t get it 🙂 

       But all is great here in Rio Segundo! I’m loving it and yes I have my son!! Elder Gamber, another comp from Texas, I seem to have a thing going were it’s a latino and then a gringo from Texas XD I love him, he’s super dope, we get along great and we’re working soooo hard and I see us growing so much! We’re all over the place busy this first week, letting him know the members and then passing by some family investigadors! But it was a great first week and we’re back to it! Yesterday was Pday and we went to the temple and well, got there a little late and couldn’t make a session and tried to do other temple work but there were already loads of people there, so we took pictures XD We’re going again next week but we then went to this house and ate lunch and it was fun! We got back late so we didn’t have time to email so that’s why we’re doing it right now! Glad that all is well with the fam and that you had a great time at home alone and doing all that fun cali stuff that I miss! But here is super dope and I love the people and I’m growing with so many families it’s sooo much fun!! We are so pumped working and I just feel sooo good, being district leader of 4 hermanas should be fun, we’re all super close and good friends so not too much pressure but still want to be a good leader! I love the mission and time hasn’t been an issue for awhile, I’m totally focused in the work, I’m not thinking about anything else but how we can teach someone and how we’ll make time to pass by everyone! I understand now how dad feels, WE NEED MORE HOURS IN THE DAY! It’s sooo true, we want to pass by so many people but there’s never enough time! The siesta is the worst when everything is closed down so we study and wait till we can go and pass by everyone! I love the mission and love working. I see myself talking Spanish and it’s sooooo cool when I leave a house and it always hits me that I just taught them the gospel, had a conversation and it was all in SPANISH!! It’s the coolest thing, my comp’s mom is from Colombia so he’s got an idea of how it works, can understand more but talking he is a lot better than I was so he’s already talking with everyone and it’s great! Loads of people are taking pics with us and posting them on their Facebook, so everyone here in this pueblo knows us and its like the 6’8” missionary that’s here everyone is always saying hi and wants to take pics with usXD It’s funny, but everyone here knows us pretty much and going around find people they’ve already seen us before walking or on some social media! But it’s great, I love this gospel and I see how happy it’s been making me and I just want everyone to have it here, people really open their hearts seeing two gringos speaking and when we say we’re here sharing this message that we believe and know it’s true and we’re here to teach it to you, it’s sooo awesome to see the miracles he puts in our path. I love this work and being here sharing the restored gospel!

Let Marissa know that she’s going to be able to do anything if she takes the time to read the scriptures and learns from them!! It’s literally the best thing we have, and it’s the proof that all this is real!! I love the Book of Mormon!! I love teaching people about it, and seeing their face when they see us give it to them just lights up and I know that’s the key that’s going to let them know that this church is true!

I love you mom thank you for everything and I’m truly sooo happy, full of the spirit of God teaching his gospel and I couldn’t be happier to be here, and I know this is the best thing I can be doing. I asked the people that work in the bakery that we are good friends with if they know of any 19 year old kid that goes and does service (We had service this day when we went and cleaned a hoarders house for 5 hours—was a lot) they said no one and I see just how much I get the opportunity to grow and literally it’s from me forgetting about myself and serving others, just like Christ, knowing that I’m on the same mission as Christ, blows my mind and I get so much strength from it. I just want to go all day, but we have to eat and sleep and do things like that when it’s like who cares, I wanna go teach someone!!!! It’s soooooo awesome and I love this mission, and am so grateful for you and dad as parents and all my great friends I just know that you all have impacted my life so much!!! I love you and everyone soooo much and this gospel with all my heart!!!

Elder Walker


July 4, 2017

DAD!! I’m going to train and it’s crazy!! Also I’ll be district leader! So should be crazy and we’ll see how it is! Will be seeing who my comp is tomorrow and yeah!! I’m excited and nervous but know all will be okay with the faith in the Lord! I’m doing great and we went out with baptizing Miguel!!! I’m so happy and just want to work so much with my hijo, will be a great time for me to grow and improve! But seems like it was a good time with the family and glad everything worked out well and got time to be with them!! I’m working hard and now will be a big step for me so well see how it all goes!! I love you dad!!

Elder Walker