Pictures for the Win!

Life has a way of getting BUSY, and I’m sorry for the lack of letters/pictures these past two months. Elder Walker is doing wonderfully well, and I’ll share some photos for you to enjoy, along with a few snippets from his letters! ~Marsi, McKay’s MomRio de Dos Colores!

I’m doing great dad! I’m super happy and loving it here in Chilecito!! We are still on track to have 2 baptisms this Saturday of Liliana Ruarte and Maxy Gaitan!! We’re stoked working hard to prep everything!! It’s been going great! I’m loving the people and we’re working hard everyday to help all that we can!! I’m so blessed to be comps with Elder Wardrop–he is such a good guy and helps me a lot with things I don’t think he realizes it!

Hey!!!! Mom I love the mission and I can totally see it changing me!!! Today we got to come to La Rioja! It’s so much fun! I got to play some vball with Gavin!! Here’s the pics of the bap!! SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!

I’m glad that everything is going well at home! I’m loving it here and we’re working hard!! I’m reading in The Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi chapter 15, being blown away XD It’s not any easier in Spanish, but I see the importance of our agency! Also how God created opposition and he made the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil, it was part of the plan and for all of it to work he had to make an opposite! It’s crazy but I love knowing how we’re here to make our own decisions! I found a bigger marriage study book! I finished the other one that has like 70 pages, I found this other one that’s 409!!! I’m stoked XD It talks a lot about everything pretty much! But I learned so much in the first one and I’m very excited to be a father but very scared XD I feel I’ll grow a lot!! I’m learning so much here and I’m loving that I have this time to grow and know my Savior even more!! You all rock I love you mom! I know I’m meant to be here!!!! Besos!! Elder Walker

Here’s part of a letter I’ll cherish forever:

MOM!!! I’m doing great! I love you so much and I’m soooo grateful! I know that you were meant to be my mom! We talk a lot about parenting and what our parents did, I see how you guys were just SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Strict XD Jajaja just kidding! You guys were gnarly! I love it to know that you kept me under control but gave me my agency and I see that really helped me. I’ve learned that everyone has it! I get soooo worried about what my kids are going to do! I see that the most important thing we can do it be the best example! It’s like we have to be our families’ Jesus, if that makes sense! We show them and teach them, but they have to fall and mess up to understand more fully how to ride the bike! It’s sooooooo cool how God trusts us with his children!! And it makes me see why I have to work so hard! I don’t know how the world will be when I have teenagers! But I know that the Lord will help me teach them, and how you said mom they have their personalities that is who they are and that’s why God knows who needs to go where!! It just all makes sense! I love it all so much XD Maybe I don’t explain the best way but I’m being blown away and can’t wait for the convos we’ll be having when I get home!! I’M STOKED!!

 Thank you sooo much mom, you rock, and I’m eternally blessed to have you as my mother! I know Heavenly Father knew I needed you and Dad! You guys have been the best parents ever and I couldn’t be more happy! I know how I want to have my family and things I want to do and have with my own personal family! THANK YOU!!! 

Elder Walker

Hey Mom,

I’m doing great and loving it here!! Update is the other elders moved out to go to their area!! So now it’s just me and my comp! But I have adapted haha it was fun being with them!!

This week was Awesome!! I explained more of it in Dad’s letter!! But there was this cool experience I wanted to share with you!! I was reading my blessing one night before I was going to go to bed, and there was this part that I’ve seen and read again and again but it said, “You are a Child of God.” It hit more so hard. I was overwhelmed with the spirit and couldn’t help the tears! I love the potential I have and I know that Heavenly Father wanted me to know that and never forget that I am his Child. I love this gospel and this plan is so true! I find more joy and happiness everyday knowing that we are here to be tested! Before I was nervous of coming home with all the challenges that will show up! But Now I’m just excited! I GET TO GROW!! I get to complete that plan that God created for ME!!! It’s amazing to know that we are literally here to learn and grow and fall and get back up! It’s all part of it!! It’s the littlest thing but it’s mind blowing to know or think about what we were thinking right before we came down! What were we doing right before we were about to start our mortal experience? Was it all our group of friends wishing us luck, was it like the start of a roller coaster where we were scared just before the drop?? I just feel like before this we were SOOOOO happy to have challenges and be tested and we were just stoked! It makes me just want to be even more stoked when a problem comes into my life because it’s literally what we all wanted before this life! Obviously with the goal to return to his presence! 

I just really love the plan of salvation and knowing that the challenges are for our good! Literally it’s a time to grow and progress! To be able to be more like our Heavenly Father or Heavenly Mother!! In the marriage book I was reading how every women has the perfect example which is our Heavenly Mother, to think how perfect she is and how she wants every one of her daughters to grow like her!! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!

I’m so grateful for you mom. Thank you for everything and teaching me and being patient with the spaz I was and still am jajaja I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Elder Walker

DAD!!! My mind is being blown and the work is at hand!!  My comp and I are working very hard and finding a lot of great people with a lot of families that we need to go and help! I love this work and I know it’s true>!!!  I have seen the power of the Book of Mormon in many lessons where the power of a testimony is the strongest thing we have!!

I know the church is true and I won’t deny it! It’s amazing to be a part of this amazing work and I want to give it my all these last 3 months! Time flies and while we are working, it seems to pass by even faster!!

Thank you for everything I love you sooo much!!

Elder Walker


March Letters are Here!

My favorite letter is at the end, dated March 27th. Elder Walker is really loving the work and his testimony of Jesus Christ is so strong and evident. I love this son of mine and wouldn’t have him any other place on earth right now… ❤ And his pictures are simply hilarious!

If you’re interested in what he’s teaching down in Argentina, watch our semi-annual General Conference this weekend:  Thank you all for your love and support! 

 Missionaries walk A LOT! He finally broke down and will be wearing his new shoes I sent with him into the mission field! He said, “I’m finally changing shoes. I think they’ve  served me well!!”

March 6, 2018

This one’s in Spanish so enjoy!

YO YO YO YO!!! Como anda mama! Espero que estas bien! ME alegre mucho para ver que has sido aceptado en este universidad! Se que va ser dificil pero eres mi mama y puedes hacer cualquier cosa!! Todo acá esta de diez, amo la misión y cada día estoy aprendiendo algo nuevo! Realmente quiero mejorar y hacer todo que puedo en este últimos 7 meses que es tan poco!! Pero voy estar orando para la familia! Jaja se que van estar bien! 

Hay mucho para hacer todavía! Se que la misión es donde tengo que estar! Jaja aun que quejo mucho sobre después se que todo va estar bien! Les extraño cuídense!! 

Elder Walker! 

Hahaha sorry it’s all in Spanish! ave some fun practice miss college! ( I am back in college, so he’s teasing his momma!! ) 

(TRANSLATION: How are you mama! I hope you’re doing well! I’m so happy for you that you were accepted into your university!! I know that it’s gonna be hard but you’re my mama and you can do anything! Everything here is going well, I love the mission and every day I’m learning something new! I really want to improve and do everything I can in these short 7 months! But I’ll be praying for the family!! Haha I know you’ll all be fine! There’s still a lot to do! I know the mission is where I need to be!!  I know that even though I complain a lot about after everything is gonna be fine! I miss you guys, take care! Elder Walker)

March 13, 2018

Hey mom!!! I’m loving it all and I’m learning sooooo much about Alma! Him dropping cane and teaching with everyone! I saw one part in Alma 27:17&18! That’s my life goal! I want to be soooooo happy and full of pure joy that it’s physically exhausting! Which I know is possible! I really want to reach that! I have a new comp >Elder Wardrop! Super Chill guy from Utah!! I’m loving the mission and just wanting to improve each day and really grow and prep for my future! I see it’s the next step! But I see how great the mission world is! Even though we’re soooo far away from the world it’s the best time to be separated! I hear about things going on and I think how it’s just such a little kid thing and how I really love being here only focused on the Lord! I heard there’s missionaries that get home and feel anything they do doesn’t have a purpose! And I feel that might happen to me! Looking and the sons of Mosiah who taught the Gospel for 14 years! That’s another thing!  I want to find my King Lamoni that just feels the spirit and goes around helping the missionaries after bringing the gospel to everyone!! Teaching everyone but starting with one person!!! I love the gospel soooo much and I just get soooo excited to teach it!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!! Got a little bit of time left! I might be asking to stay for a transfer more!! I’ll still be home in time for the family get togethers!!!

Love youuuuuu.

Elder Walker

March 20, 2018

Hey!!! Mom this week was awesome! I love it here and well I’m just trying a lot! But first thing is I found the coolest thing ever!! It’s this Mate bag made of leather!!! CAN YOU POSSIBLY PUT A $100 so I can buy it!!!

It’s 2,200 pesos!! And well it’s awesome and I reallllllyyyyyy want it!! The lady was super cool and yeah! 

But me and Wardrop are working hard! He has been pretty sick we had to go to hospital for him since his throat was closing and was hard for him to breathe! But he’s fine now!! I got to go with Elder Harward from Huntington Beach!! We got to go out and work! I seriously had one the most impactful weeks in my mission helping a lot of people hearing a lot of things and stories and feel the true love of Christ for his children and how much Jesus must have suffered. It’s crazy! But I’m loving the mission! I might be asking President for an extension on my mission!  But we’ll see!!

Elder Walker

March 27, 2018

HEY!!! So this week was AWESOME!! Full of blessings and Miracles! I love the work!!! It makes me soooo happy! Me and Elder Wardrop are passing by loads of people and helping as many people and families as we can! We offer service at every house and we are having a lot of service projects which I love and really just shows our willingness to do anything for them! It’s truly amazing! I can’t explain the joy and complete sense of happiness! I love it and have this feeling I never want to leave! It’s something that’s indescribable! I have just tried to have the example of Ammon of feeling that pure joy and I know I’m not close but I’m getting little bits of it, focusing on the people! I love the people here in Chilecito! I have never felt so blessed to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands! It has been such a blessing and I love hearing the words, “Gracias para ser paciente conmigo.” Or thank you for being patient with me. I love knowing that we’re here for the people and we’re trying to do all we can to help them with so many problems that there are in this life! I know that it’s not easy but I know that it’s all for a reason! 

I’m studying right now in Helaman! And it’s sooooo cool to see how Nephi teaches the people and calls them to change, and it’s said over and over again in the Book of Mormon, But “that only through your faith in the Savior Jesus Christ may you be saved.” Learning more about his indescribable importance for us in this life! Teaching that to the people, letting them know that no matter how far they’ve fallen, there IS a way back!! My scripture for the week has been 3 Nephi 9:14! How his arm will be extended to all, and we must take it!! I’ve learned soooo much and being here and helping whomever I can! Hearing so many stories and challenges in people’s lives, feeling the pure love of Christ that he has for every one of us! 

In one lesson, I’ll put it like this. I have never felt so much love for someone until this moment, feeling the pure love of Christ not for me but for this person, knowing that I cannot let them live without knowing how much the Savior loves them. It’s such a miracle to be in this work and let people learn so much and come to know of such basic things, that we take for granted and to see how something I have grown up learning, is something completely new for them. 

Again I cannot explain my joy but I hope you all know that I have never felt so happy in my life. I know I’m meant to be here in Argentina serving these people, and I wouldn’t want to be in any other place! I love my Savior and all that he has done for me! I know that I can never repay for his ultimate sacrifice!

Thank you for all you’ve done for me mom to help me in every step of my life! I’m sooooooooooooo grateful!!

Heres some pics!!! Hope you’re all doing well!!

Elder Walker the 6’8” Mormon!

P.S Here’s my mate bag I bought!!! Excited for you all to try it out! And the little girls I got to explain what a chicken was XD ALSO We found a “Mexican” restaurant (Not close but it was okay).

Last two weeks in February

February 20, 2018

Hey Mom! Everything is going good loving it out here and yeah we’re doing really well!! Dropping some cane, but it’s all loving and just trying to help the people remember their testimonies and why they were baptized! It’s going great and we have also found some amazing people that have a lot of potential!! I love it here!!

I know I’m meant to be here I just want everything to work out! I know I will have to live it and learn but it’s all good! I’m ready!! Elder Betz and I are doing well— he’s a super chill dude, we mention you guys a lot, he’s also super close with his parents and I think you and his mom would get along well and dad and his dad would have a lot in common! But it’s fun getting to know him! Hope you don’t mind if he comes down for a while so we can go surfing haha! But it’s all been good and learning a lot! We’re studying a lot in the morning! I just finished Mosiah and I’m now starting Alma and just seeing more and more about them and the pueblo, it’s awesome to see and learn more every time I read it!! But here’s some pics and haha I’m not good at the guitar. There are other elders who are awesome!! But love you loads!!

Elder Walker

(McKay is referring to scriptures in the Book of Mormon that his Dad wrote about)… Doing great dad! I was just reading more about their conversion! I was then just blown away, when the king was like hey sons, who wants the kingdom I’m gunna die. And they’re all like ummmmm well we were actually wanting to go to our brothers that hate us and like teach them the gospel. I just wanted to see his face when his sons said that XD I bet he was like but but but, hahaha but I think it’s awesome that even he had to pray to know, and then got to bless his sons!!  

I love that the sons also had the faith to go and teach the gospel knowing it was the only thing to change their brothers from their wicked ways!! It’s awesome and to know that they were some of the most wicked men on the earth at that time!! I love it! I also got to give a talk this Sunday and I did it about love and just knowing that we should love everyone like the sons of Mosiah even if they’re hard core killers and super lost because they’re the ones who need it the most!! I love the gospel and we’re teaching some awesome families—it’s great!!

Elder Walker 

February 27, 2018

Yo mom, how’s it going! Everything is great here, a lot of work but we’re being blessed loads! I really see the Lord just preparing people! The field is white and ready for the harvest! It was a super cool experience to see other elders when we had interviews with President Correa! We had some deep doctrine talk and everything, it is super cool and I love to know that we have the truth even though there are the big unknowns that don’t really matter. We went off about a lot XD It was a lot of fun and learned a lot!! But I’m doing great and I love the BOM (Book of Mormon) too! Learning a lot from it and just applying everything! I really see how I need to keep growing even though it may be hard and I know I’m nowhere near perfect, I still have to push and try to better myself in every way!!! The mission is here to do that!! Love the growth that is here! Elder Betz and I have seen how we’re going to come back so much older and have to let those childish things we did before go, we’re going to be so much older and mature and it’s like crazy to think that! But I see I want to come home changed, still McKay but better not with the same little stupid things I guess!! but yeah it’s great!! I’m focused, don’t worry!!! Hahaha I love and miss you all!!

Elder Walker

Thanks dad! We actually had the opportunity to have interviews with President and I brought up what I should do! He told me how I should focus on the mission but at the same time just think of a basic plan! And I feel like my basic plan is I’ll finish the mission and when I get home put the work into get back in shape to play for the next season!! Which is was like a perfect answer!! I love it here, President is the coolest guy ever!! We got to have a great week this week with a lot of miracles that really has motivated me! I see that in any area, the Lord is preparing people and that all his work happens for a reason! I love it here and really am enjoying all the Lord is blessing us with!! We keep working hard and me and Elder Betz are getting along great, he’s a super cool guy and we both just want to learn and grow in the mission! It’s fun and I had a lot of time to reflect and see how there’s only 8 months to do all I can before I come home!! It’s crazy!! But yeah, it’s all going great. Hope you’re doing well with your broken body XD But miss and love you loads!!

Elder Walker

February 6th and 13th

February 6, 2018    MOM!!! I love the mission! Even when it seems hard, the Lord is there to pick you up!! I think I need to clarify! I’m not in the same area that I started but it’s the same province! I’m on the other side of the mountains of where I was before which is like 100 miles difference! BUT! It’s still really dope! I love it, this week was great, we got to work a bit and we’re focusing on trying to reactivate the less active members because in our rama/branch there’s 500 members but only 40 actives XD So we both talked and said we’re not going to baptize, we’re going to be like Jesus looking for the lost sheep!! It was a lot of fun since I haven’t met any of the members, but had an opportunity to go to this ward activity Saturday!! It was like this park and well, the best part for me was to see a volleyball net! I got to meet the members and they’re soooooo awesome, very loving and full of tall jokes! I got to tell them about how I played volleyball before the mission and well there was this group of girls play volleyball too, I was like I’m not going to play because I’m a missionary and it’s my first time meeting the members, (they were all in bikinis since there was a pool at this park too) Not members!! But our branch president goes over and says, “Hey! We have this gringo who knows how to play!” And He makes me go play with them, there were some other guys and we get a team, let’s just say I got to show off a bit and well the important part was I got to play VOLLEYBALL!! Which was actually decent! But yeah just imagine a 6’8” white boy playing with all these girls. When I said the members are awesome I meant it, they all made jokes the rest of the day! AND the next day at church they brought it up and yeah! It was loads of fun and yeah I think I’ll be remembered here forever! I got to bear my testimony and when I stand up to go Hermano Quiroga, he’s the one with the chorizo in his hand, grabs a chair so I could sit down since I was sooo tall XD I love it here the members are awesome and we’re ready to work! Love it more and more here and ready to get to work!

Elder Walker

February 13, 2018

Hey mom!!! Everything is going great and this week was very special!! So, well first off we worked a lot and yeah that was good! But then we had to go to Cordoba! For a mission conference where Elder Christofferson came!! It was a great time and I loved hearing what he had to say. It really was cool to see how he’s a normal man and is called of God! He came and we all got to shake his hand and it was just so awesome!! But then after we had to wait until later that night to go back to our area! Our bus didn’t leave till 11:30! SOooooooo I decided to go swing by Rio Segundo!!! I surprised a lot of people!! All the great people there!! It was awesome and one of the best parts was going to see Angel and we had dinner with them! It was soooo great. I just love him soo much seeing him again was great and I feel like we’re brothers—it was great being with them! But yeah that’s the best thing ever! 

Right now I’m trying to download me playing the guitar! But it’s taking awhile!! But if I can I wanna send it to ya!! Love you loads!

Elder Walker

January Correspondence

January 16, 2018

Hey mom!!! I love you soooo much I’m sorry about the birthday thing, I’ll blame it on dad and say how it’s just another day 😉 Don’t get upset hahaha I’ll make it up to you in a year!! The letter today is for both of you and not to put on the blog!!

Elder Walker

January 23, 2018

Hey mom, thank you sooo much! I love you!!   I love missionary work and I know it’s what we are meant to do!! I love hearing about how great this time is and what great things we can do and I  only have a little bit more time to do so!! I love the mission and really hope I can do all I can to help everyone! I explained in dad’s letter about Lucas. I hope you can see and just I love seeing how many people are really just waiting to listen! I really, really, really hope I stay, and can just work here another transfer but I already have 3 here and I don’t think one more will be an option!! I love it here I just want to grow and improve!! I love it here I love the people and I love teaching the restored gospel!!!!

Elder Walker

Hey dad!! This week was soooo good!! Lots of missionary work! And lots of people who we got to share the message with!! I love it!! But I’m super happy that you were able to have that experience and that it all went well and you were able to share something like that with them!!! But Thanks a lot for being such a good example!!! 

This week LUCAS came to church!! It was amazing! He’s 19 years-old and super cool! His dad too is a police officer, but I can tell you the police here aren’t anything compared to the states!! But we got a lot in common and we were able to teach him and he came to church and loved it!! Went really well, and then just last night we got to have a family night! Which went great we gave him a Book of Mormon to read and right now and the family who is his friend told me how he’s already read to chapter 10 in Nephi in just one night!! It’s awesome and we were soooo grateful and he truly wants to grow more!! I love teaching and out of all the people, when we find the one who is ready it makes it all worth it!!! I hope you’re doing well—I am!!! Love you!!

Elder Walker

January 30, 2018

DAD!!! Okay loads happened!!! So it was an awesome week we worked a lot! But it was kinda rough because we got the transfers and I was called to another area!! I’ll get to that. But I went to say goodbye to everyone and it was the hardest thing ever since I feel Rio IV was the best area ever and we all need to go back to visit them and I want you to meet them!! I hope that could be a possibility soon, because so many want to meet the family of the elders and I feel I could be one of many to actually come back! If that could be a thought out vacation maybe????

But you know where I started the mission right? — the hottest area in the mission and with the mountains! Well, I’m back!! LA RIOJA!!! But this time I’m on the other side of the mountains!! It’s called Chilecito!!! It’s soooooo beautiful and there’s soooo manyy things here! There’s this river that’s two colors it’s awesome and I’m sooo excited to see it all—look it up!!!

I’m with my new comp Elder Betz!! From Gilbert AZ!! Super cool dude he is 6’4” so we got these two tall white boyz and I’m stoked to be here to work again I love it here! I’m even more excited because last time I was here I was brand new and didn’t know how to teach or do anything so it’s like a repentance process and I’m super happy!!!! But I’m doing great, feeling great and I’m just ready to work!! I love you and hope everything is good!!! Keep working hard!!

Elder Walker

Letters and Pictures!

Hello Family and Friends, I shall start with the most recent letter and photos. You can scroll back to December 4th to read in order for all to “make sense”, well, you know McKay! Our family went to Utah during the Christmas and New Year’s Holiday to visit family and we were extremely busy during the hustle and bustle of the season. Sorry for the delay! Happy New Year 2018! Smiles, Marsi  

January 9, 2018

DAD!!! We’re working hard and I love it!! It’s amazing how much we can do in a day and we’ve seen sooo many amazing people!! We’re just doing everything we can to be perfectly obedient! I love having him as a comp and we both push each other to be our best!! We get along great and really work hard together focusing on the people and the zone!! It’s been sooo much fun here and a real blessing for us!!! I heard about the prophet and I don’t think we can watch the funeral!!! But I hope you can get fixed up and better soon!! But don’t worry if you break, I’ll take care of everything in the house! I’m super excited to be here and it’s crazy because having 10 months left seems like nothing!!! But I’m nowhere ready to leave the mission there are sooooo many great things here! I really love learning and I know I have so much more to learn!! But please be safe have fun with all your routines!!! Love ya Pops!

Elder Walker

January 2, 2018

The mission is going great and there’s just more to do!! We have sooo much work to do and now me and Elder Gwilliams are ready to do all we can to make this area better! He truly is an amazing missionary and we are crushing it and it’s only been 3 days of working and I love it!! I’m glad that everything went well with the fam trip and I’m excited for this year! There’s a lot that’s going to happen! I’ll be able to work for a hard 9  months and then come home and party  up!!! But I got a lot to do here still! I love it all and I find more and more reasons to come back since I just love it here soooo much!! It’s great and I’m truly growing to be better since I know there’s a lot more I need to learn and change! But like you said mom, it’s all true!! I love that about the Gospel. There’s no spot too deep or choice we can’t change to improve and better ourselves! With Mom Sosa!! We are now going over there to do Spanish practice where we are reading Liahonas in Spanish and she corrects us so we can pronounce everything better!!! And this one we read was the the one by Holland about, oh be thou perfect and we are going to fail but I love knowing that God doesn’t want us to be perfect, YET!!! But through our life challenges, we will learn what we need to to get there but we have to face them and get through them with his help!!! I love this all since I have this time to teach the people this exact principle and change their lives!!! I love and miss you but I too know this is the place I’m meant to be!! 

Elder Walker!

Dad, I’m still here in Rio Cuarto!! I have Elder Gwilliam from Draper Utah!! HE is awesome we get along great and its only been 3 days but we’ve worked soooo hard and I’m sooo excited as we’re trying to help everyone and I feel like such a great missionary and we’re just ready to work and help this area! We’re contacting a lot and getting to know lots of people and it’s all just a great experience!! I’m glad you got to have time to see everyone and that it all went great!! I’m glad we got to talk, it was a good boost! I just finished 2 Nephi and was amazing I love how he finishes and it’s like, that’s what we gotta do and just follow our Savior!!! It’s great and I’m growing and I know we got a lot to do, but we’re running every morning and I feel sooo good doing everything right since I know that’s how we’re going to get the best blessings!! I love the mission but hate how fast time is flying by!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR POP!!!!

Elder Walker

Christmas DAY!!!  We got to Skype with McKay while we were in UTAH~                      here’s a picture: 

December 18, 2017

Hey mom!!! I love you and hope your test goes well!! But Idk how I can call you! You’ll have to be on Skype or Facebook so we can chat and then work it out!!! But yeah! I love you sooo much. This week is good but I’ll let you know about everything next week—I got loads to tell you!!! But yeah Be safe and we’ll talk more next week!!

Elder Walker

Hey Dad!!! Seems like a lot and well, seems like you’re working hard too!! When are you (driving or flying) To Utah? And how long will you be there??!!! I’m just great!!! MY DAD IS HERE!!! Elder Baute showed up and we’re together. I don’t know for how long but we’ll see!!! He tore his ACL and pretty sure he’ll be needing surgery, so we’ll see how long we’re together!!! The back yard is looking good! Sorry I’m not there to help you out! But when I get back!! I’m excited to be able to talk at Christmas!!! I love you dad!!! 

Elder Walker

December 12, 2017

Doing great mom!!! Loving it here,  Transfers are coming up and we’ll see what’s gunna happen! This last week we had our Christmas conference and it went great!!! Elder Hattaway and me did our dance and it turned out great!!! I’m trying to get it so I can send it! But besides that, doing well! Trying to become better and well, push through with my comp and try to do some good before I leave!!! I might be leaving which I’m really scared about since I don’t want to!!! But we’ll see what the big man says!! I love the mission and everyday I see how much less time I have now!! It’s crazy that a year ago I was with Baute in La Rioja and now I’m in Rio VI Speaking Spanish and have grown soooo much but I have soooooo much more to learn and do! I see how special it is to be a missionary like in church this last week, we were in principles of the gospel and talking about how us as missionaries have the role to teach, and the members can help but we as missionaries, it is our calling and duty to teach and it just hit me that this is it! Which I really hate since It took a year and some to finally realize it but now I just want to dooooooo everything, like even  when we need to come back to the pension it’s like hard since we see someone and I’m like can we stop and talk to them? And it’s like I want to teach everyone this message and it’s like in the scriptures when it explains about his gospel being taught to everyone it’s now, like I have to do my part. If not, it’s like I’m wasting time and more people are losing their chance!! I truly know that this is true and I want to do all I can for the people here in Argentina!!! It’s crazy to see how fast time is flying by! I’m excited to call and talk to you guys— got lots I wanna share and talk about!! I LOVE YOU!!

Elder Walker


HEY DAD!!! It’s like right there huh! I got loads to tell you but I’ll be saving a lot for that day!!! Everything with the work was better this week!! I got to contact finally after such a long time, I finally just did it and even though we kinda got shut down it was great!!!! I loved it! We’ll know Saturday if I stay which I really hope I do!!! I hope everything is good with the fires! There isn’t anything as bad as previous years, right?? You will get another chance— that’s crazy that the temple was closed for that reason!!! I remember being with him!!! I love you daddio!!! 

Elder Walker

December 4, 2017

Hey mom!! Everything is going good! I’m trying to keep up with everything that is going on here! But it should all turn out fine! Tomorrow is our Christmas concert and have to buy tickets for the zone! But other things that you want to know is that our ward does have ward council and we want to help, I have trouble with my comp because if it’s not his way, he gets mad and doesn’t like that person, (Our Bishop, Elders Quorum Pres. etc.) So he doesn’t like half our ward, it’s a bit rough! I want to stay and help them but it’s just idk. I think I might leave this transfer! BUTTTT I wanna talk about after the mish which me and other elder were talking about! SOOOOO I was thinking this! Hear me out, I DON’T WANT TO GO TO BYUI!!!! I was thinking of going to BYU-Hawaii for a year and taking it chill, NOTHING of dating, school get generals out of the way, work out get big and then I could transfer to UVU to go play volleyball and keep studying! It’s where I’m at right now! But I want to know what would be needed! But I’m doing good besides that XD We can talk at CHRISTMAS!!!! Do you already have the tree set up? Has dad made the soup? Let me know. I love you momma!

Elder Walker

HEY DAD! All is great and doing good! This last week was good! Wish we worked more— gripe, but hype, we worked!! Hahaha But all is going well we are prepping for the Christmas concert that we have and making sure everything goes well as planned! Besides that it was all good! I’m trying my best with my comp! But yeah, I guess I’m improving! Learning a lot!!! But I wanna study more I love reading second Nephi! I’m learning so much from the words of Jacob about Isaiah! Which is awesome — already mind blown! Christmas is coming idk what’s gunna happen! We have transfers the 19th, right before Christmas and I don’t know what’s going to happen! But we’ll have to see!! I’m happy that everything is going well at home! And mom is rocking the world!! Hope your arm feels better and wow a lot of changes will be coming! Pool might be a good idea for the grandkids that will be coming! Buttttttt that means prep, because it’s gotta be a cool pool with water fall and slide and everything! Since your yard gotta be popping! But haha bet it will be great! I hope everything is going well apart from everything else!! I love you loads dad!! Thank you for everything!!!

Elder Walker

Last two weeks in November…

November 21, 2017

HI MOM!!! This week was great! I’m so glad that you’re doing well and that everything is going well! Here there is no Thanksgiving but we got contacts and will be having a Thanksgiving dinner 😉 So we’re stoked! This week was good, lots of work and it went great!! There were lots of people we saw that want to change! I’ll explain in dad’s email more!!! The best thing was this though that happened yesterday!  But the craziest thing, it was more just funXD I was with another missionary since we were in intercambios and there were all these kids playing soccer outside so we said hey let’s go talk to them and see if they’ll let us play! So we start talking with one kid and then they allllllllllllllllll come, it was like 20 kids! The oldest was 15! Then like all these 7,8,9 year olds! They asked me my name, I’m like Elder Walker! Then I always say I’m the nephew of Paul Walker the actor from Fast and Furious! They all believed me XD They all ran grabbed their cameras and were taking pics since I was ¨famous¨. It was so funny we then got to play with them and then after we got to teach all them lesson 3 about, faith, repentance, baptism and everything it was super fun! XD But that’s about it! I’m loving this work and the way the Lord uses us to bring forth his work!! I know this is true, there are other missionaries that might have this as something super important but I know that I gotta do all I can to help everyone I can and not waste time!!! I love you all! I hope that this week off will be nice! And don’t have too much fun without me!! Hahaha LOVE YOU!!

Elder Walker

Hey dad !! LOADS of questions and I’ll try my best to answer all of them! But I’ll just start off with saying it’s not the states and a lot of members here don’t know how to do everything! But the hermanas ended up having a member who could break in pretty much so they could get the other key they had!!

     Umm I’ll start off with the week—it was great and we got to work a lot and had help from other areas since we had intercambios and got to work double this week!! It was great and well, Sebastian was a man that truly wants to come to church and change! We got to teach him in the church building 3 times this week! We were very excited for Sunday that he would be able to come!! He wasn’t able to Idk what happened. He hasn’t answered his phone but the best was with Hugo!! A man that just got work in a pueblo an hour and a half a way and last week came since he was looking for a church and he is doing great!! This Sunday he woke up at 5:45 since he wanted to get here at 9 knowing that’s when the meeting started but there were problems with the buses so he showed up late but he came and then after wards we invited him to come to our lunch with us and it was amazing!! After we got to teach him lesson 1, the restoration!! GREAT!!! He was crying and when I got the chance to teach about the Book of Mormon and I asked him if he could read the last paragraphs of the introduction and then he started crying and asked if the church has really been restored and I said yes and then he asked this is his book? I said yes and then he said and the Savior is coming again? I said yes and he broke down, the spirit was so strong and he has such a desire to truly change and become the best he can be!!! But that was the best thing ever!! I love the mission! The Bishop has his counselors trying to help the less actives but we’re really here to teach! Our ward is stronger than most so the members work very hard!!!

   It’s all great!!! I love it here and hope you’re all doing well!!! I pray for you all!!! Please be safe!!!

Elder Walker

November 28, 2017

Hey dad, how’s my old man doing! Everything is going goood! This week was lots of fun and well, there was a lot that happened! So we got to go to another area for a day and yeah it was fun! It’s been super hot here and it’s been fun working! We didn’t hear from Sebastian at all this week idk what happened!! But there was Hugo we found out some stuff about him so I’m not sure what we gotta do, it’s just hard since he’s not living in any area because his work is all over. So he’s not part of a ward! But yeah it’s good!  We got 3 more weeks of transfers so we’ll see how things go!! But I’m doing all I can!! I’m really focused on my studies and I’m learning a lot but still there’s loads to go!!!!! But I’m loving it here, I see I just need to practice a lot of my attributes XD That’s why I’m with my comps, I got something to learn from them!!! But I’m glad everything went well!!! I love it here and miss you guys… will be calling soon!!!

Elder Walker

Dear Mom, I can’t watch it, the computer isn’t updated!! (I had sent him a church video) But I’m doing great—just striving on! THAT’S CRAZY She’s already coming home!! (His cousin Avalon came home from her mission in Chile) I’m doing great just working hard and putting up with my companion!! But trying to study loads to learn a lot more which I’m enjoying! I got to ride a “motorcycle” the other night!! It was loads of fun!!! I was safe don’t worry!!! But everything else is great!!!

Elder Walker

Picture of the Year

In the Book of Mormon we read an oft-quoted scripture truth: “And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” Mosiah 2:17

This picture sums it up perfectly, and quite comically too! McKay was needed quite often at this “Mormon Helping Hands” day of service in Argentina! 

McKay’s letter dated November 14, 2017

The missionaries of the Argentina, Cordoba mission!!!

YO DAD!!! So this week was a little crazy!!! We didn’t get to do too much!!! But what happened was Wednesday we had to go to some investigators to tell them we won’t be there Thursday! BECAUSE Thursday we had the entire mission getting together since there was a member of the Quorum of the Seventy coming and yeah, we had to buy all the tickets Wednesday since we had to leave at 4 in the morning, Then Thursday we spent all day there! Ummmmm then we came back like superrrrrr late, to add on top of that, when we get back it’s like 1 in the morning! We had transfers this same day so all the new people have their bags! When we got to the pension, we were dead tired! The hermanas want to call us! Hey we lost our keys and we’re locked out of our pension…. I had to call the buses to see if they could find them, then nothing, so called president! He told me to see if there was a hotel! They were all filled!!! LIKE WHAT!?!?! So we then had them come to our pension. It’s now like 3 in the morning! We then had to bring all these beds over to the church for them to sleep!

And yeah, so Friday we were dead tired and then in the evening we went to some people it wasn’t anything special! Saturday we had a Mormon Helping Hands project!!! It was super hot and we worked super hard painting a school and being called by everyone to paint the high places! And I didn’t have time to drink water so after later in the day I felt super sick and got a crazy fever and everything! So I slept all day Sunday, went to church but then knocked out and allllll day Monday! So yeah XD It was quite the week! There wasn’t too much time to get spiritual! Although I did learn that this time is the best time of my life!!! The Seventy, Elder Christensen, went off about how important it is to share what we have and really made me think about how powerful I can be!!! It was great!!! I’m doing great!! But I love and miss ya! 😉 

Love ya!! Elder Walker

November 7, 2017

Hey mom!!! All is great here in the missionXD And yeah there’s Papi sending the pictures! He was asking me if I cared if he sent them and I’m like, she’s happy with anything extra she gets! But it was an ingrown toenail but yeah it’s all good now! It hurt but it wasn’t death. I know there are worse pains! But yeah! I’m loving it here and I see that at this time last year I was in Utah!!! Like that’s crazy!!! But I’m loving it here and I just see how much work there is to do!!! I want to do all I can!!! I love the mission and I got such little time to do soooo much!!!! I love you and hope you’re okay! I know that everything is through His will so don’t worry too much about Marissa driving, it’s His will 😉 I love you all soo much, sorry I write so bad! but it’s me:) Be safe and have a great week! There is a way you can send me stuff through a guy that travels here and comes to the mission office to drop stuff off but it’s fine XD I have money to buy stuff, you can just get me a car when I get back and I’ll be happy with that!! 🙂 Hahaha love ya mom!

Elder Walker

HEY POPS! I’m soooo happy!! We just had transfers and I was happy to see I’m staying here in Rio Cuarto!!! There’s a lot to do, and I’m not here to waste time. I want to do all I can! I see that everyday is another opportunity to find people who have been prepared to hear this message!! I love it here and I see there’s so much to learn and I need to grow a lot more! I’m glad everything is going well at home and that you’re all safe and having fun staying busy! I love being busy because it means we got work to do! And work means people coming to Christ! And People coming to Christ means helping the Kingdom of God grow! And His light will shine to every Nation, tribe, and tongue!! And I’m part of that and I see that what the Prophets have talked about it NOW!!! Like what!?!?! It’s us, it’s us that they saw hundreds of years ago!! It’s sooooo cool and I just know all of this is soooo true!!! And I don’t have doubts because I see Him in everything.

I love you sooo much dad and I’m sooo happy for all you’ve done for me!!!

Elder Walker


A baptism for Juan, Maria and Zoe!

October 31, 2017

HEY THERE DAD!!! Everything is great and I’m loving the mission!!! This week was great and I loved it soooo much! Officially one year and yeah, I see how precious this time is and how much I need to do in less than a year!!! It’s crazy and I hope I can do all I can to be the best!!! I love it here and really have a love for the people!!! So got to have a cake made for me for my one year, which was soon filled with my face, being pushed into it!!! BUTTTTT The best thing was when we had a baptism!!! Juan Angel, Maria Milagros, and Zoè Milen!!! These great kids from the family Quientero!!! The parents were sooo happy and we’re currently helping them get married. I love them all sooo much!!! I love the mission and want to do all I can to help them and everyone else I know during this time!!! Thank you sooo much for everything you do!! I’m praying for you and miss you!!! I LOVE THIS WORK!!!!!

Elder Walker

Thank you mom! I love this work sooo much and I don’t want to waste a single minute since I know there are people truly looking for the truth we have! I love the Book of Mormon soooo much and learning from it everyday is amazing!!! There are so many things I learn and really see how it has the plentitud (fullness) of the gospel!!! It’s the best thing ever!!! I love working here and more than anything, speaking Spanish!!! I love the people and helping them learn their part in this world!!! I’m sooo happy to be here and I see how fast time is flying by! I got limited time but I want to use every bit of energy I have for the people here in Argentina!!! Dad has the email with all the news! But I hope you are all well!! I love you soooo much… here’s all the pics!!!!! You’re the best mom I could ask for!!! Hugs from your 6’8” son!!!

Elder Walker




October 24, 2017

Hey there mommy! What”s good?! Everything is great! Thanks for that I truly want to be the best missionary and I see how much I still need to do with such little time! I love it here and I’m learning more and more everyday! I’m sorry I’m not a great writer but it’s okay! I’ll be doing other stuff when I get back and try to stay FARRR away from anything writing related!! Have I got a chance to get into BYUH?? But all is well and we’re working very hard! Really focused on others and wanting the best for them!! The children of God are trying to find the right path!!! I love the mission and am glad everything is going well!!! If you could, maybe upload more stuff to Facebook and insta! I’m sorry but I have a virus in my sd card and it can’t read the pics sooooo I can’t download anything, I have the other one so I hope it works! But I guess you won’t see these dope pics I got!!! I love you!!!! 

Elder Walker

YOU’RE BECOMING ROBO COP!! That’s some intense looking stuff XD How am I supposed to get fixed up if you’re taking all the money for your body! Hahaha, I’m just kidding, I love you!  They didn’t put like a muscle implant so you’re a bit stronger now? But I’m telling you, get an xbox and then you can game up a bit! There’s a lot of types you’d be surprised!!! I’m glad you’re all okay and everything went well!!! I’m doing great and still trying to be the best I can be, TIME IS FLYING BY! I’m not ready to be at a year I still need to learn sooo much more! I’M really trying to learn as much as I can everyday! I love this area and the people are amazing and I truly want to do all I can to help everyone!! Thank you for everything!!! You’re the best dad there is!!! Love ya!!

Elder Walker

New Area, New Companion, New People to Love & Serve

I edited the best I could, dear friends…although it may sound jumbled and incoherent, I ask that you just try to understand the spirit of his messages 😉 

October 3, 2017

Hey there mom!! Seems like sooooo much fun and I’m soooo happy to see that you had such a great time (We went to General Conference in SLC, Utah) and it’s a growing experience for sure and I definitely learned a lot and can’t wait for the Ensign to study the talks more!! I hope that everything can work out and that everyone will be feeling better, haha. Bet dad can’t wait for his perfect body XD I see him in the millennium just doing BMX and doing a bunch of crazy stuff, like a Mike on steroids XD if that’s even possible! But I know it’s all a test and we’ll only learn and grow!! I’m doing great but there were some changes. I now have a new comp Elder Araujo!! From Brasil! There were some things that happened but it’s nothing bad, just some changes!!! He’s super cool, but today is our first day together, so we’re both new to the area and it should be fun with everything!! I’m excited but being a Zone Leader is a bit different taking care of a lot of missionaries and it’s fun working! Got a brand new area and since we’re both new, got a lot of potential! Got to meet some more members and they are all very loving and I’m excited for this Sunday to get to know more of them!! Besides that, I’m just living the mission!! Nothing too new that I can think of!! Got a year left and we’ll see what’s going to happen!! Here’s some pictures, sorry my tongue is out, it’s just sometimes my smile is bad!!! Love you!!!!

Elder Walker

Hey there daddyoooo! The conference was amazing and I really got a lot out of it!! I was pretty upset since we were watching it in English using the internet and the internet cut right for Anderson’s talk!!! It was like here are the words from Elder Hales…………. Cut!! We were all soo anxious!!! But other than that, being a leader is something else! Now that I’m here, it’s yeah. But my thought process on the mish has always been you can’t tell another missionary how to live or do their mission, we’re all the same age and not gunna care. So I’m not. I will do all I can to be the example, show my love and I know that we’re all here serving the Lord. Whenever I had another missionary tell me what I need to do and then see he didn’t do it, I just got mad and it made me not want to. So I’ve been taking it like that.  I don’t know how you feel about it, but it’s just I want to do what I know what I need to do. I’ll show my love to all the others and leave them to do their missions since it’s theirs and I’m here to help if they need it. I don’t have the power to tell them how they should, since they won’t change if they don’t want to! But yeah! It’s crazy and got a lot to do but it’s all part of growing and learning more!! You can send me whatever, a little bit of everything, I’m fine listening to it all!! But thank you sooo much for everything, I really just want to grow and improve, I’m coming up on a year and I was kinda struggling with how I still got another year left and it’s gunna be  awhile, and how I miss home but I know I need to be here and I need to grow and got another year to just improve and grow!!! Love you!!!

 Elder Walker

October 10, 2017

Alright pops, here’s all the deets!! I’m in the ward Roque Sanez Pena!! We’re a ward, the church in the corner of Buenas Aires with Roque Sanez Pena! We are the only missionaries who go there, then there’s Bimaco and they’re the other ward, with 4 missionaries. We live in their area, Pasaje Stefenson (I don’t think that’s spelled right) 2994. We are in the process of finding ourselves a pension in our area which starts with the street Pedron and then Maipu until the river and the freeway. There’s the hermanas in Centro which is where the cyber is—the one we’re at right now is on the street Sobremonte 1110. We have a washing machine in the pension and there is a China supermarket called Wang on the street Maipu, like two corners from where we live! We are staring from pretty much nothing since we had the change of comp, so we’re looking for families the other missionaries have already taught and it’s nice, it’s lots of work!! But I love it, we just found this lady Vanesa who is a member and she has 2 kids one daughter that was with her old boyfriend who is 10 and another baby of 2 years with the man she’s with now, they are planning on getting married, the guy is a Catholic and the daughter Abby likes going with him. We’re going to be passing by teaching a little bit more, leaving them with things to read from the BOM—she told us he hasn’t read it! They are building a house, and there’s loads of work to do, so we’re planning a service project and it’s great since we live with 6 that’s 6 free servants to come help clean everything out and start!! There are other families, Laura the mom, Juan the boyfriend, with 3 kids, Juan 14, Sofia 10 and Soe 8. They have been together for 15 years and want to get married and have been to church before. We’re going to helping them and we’ll probably try to get the kids baptized and help them maybe get this marriage a little bit sooner! They said next year they want to get married but we’ll see! They’re the families I feel so good about and I’m praying like crazy for them!! We’ve have some other little contacts we’ve made but still need to go back and teach!!!

There’s loads of work to be done and I can’t wait. I’m coming on a year mark and I see how fast time has gone by and how I have to do all I can to make an effective part of this work! I want to do all I can for the Lord since I know it’s through him I’m here and I am who I am! I loved Holland’s talk and really just want to be the best I can be and know it’s possible!!! Read something about how when we got up to a door to contact or go to talk to someone if we truly are Christlike, that’s exactly who they’ll see at their door step. When we are like him, we literally are his disciples and people will feel and see something different. We have taken upon his name, and every Sunday we take upon us his spirit and truly can be made perfect through him!! I love knowing that we have no limits and with Holland’s talk, I can see there’s no excuse, we need to be perfect even as our Father in Heaven is perfect. We have been given this opportunity to come to earth to become like him, HERE is where we need to start, if we can start now, how much easier will it then. Then when we have a perfect body, haha I like that way of thinking dad.

I read in D&C the section where it talks about Joseph Smith in the jail and it doesn’t matter what happens to us, we have no right to complain because it’s all just to help us grow. It hit me since I can’t complain about not getting people to listen to us since Peter denied Christ 3 times and it makes me see how the Son of Man has gone below us all, are ye greater than him? You’re in pain pops but you’re never alone and I want to thank you for everything, since like my Father in Heaven, you have always been there for me, supporting me and showing me love every step of my life. I see how very blessed I am and I too have a firm testimony of this gospel and want to be as perfect as Christ himself. In all this, I’ll help the people here in Argentina know of his never-ending love he has for everyone of us.

Thank you for the picture—it’s crazy to think how many of us are gunna be in heaven after all this, Grandma’s going to be cooking for a long time to make those cheesy potatoes for all of us XD hahaha I love you soo much dad. Thank you for everything!!!

Your 6’8” Missionary Elder Walker


October 17, 2017

Wow, seems like loads of stuff XD Jeez jajaja But all is great here and I’m doing great! Working hard and doing all I can to be like Christ as I truly want to take his name upon me. I see how much I messed up before the mission and I don’t understand how I did a lot of the things I’ve done, but after studying a lot about charity and the love our Father in Heaven has for us as well as his son Jesus Christ to make it possible to be clean and I see that I strive to be the best I can be at all times!! I want to be someone better always and reading the BOM has really helped me igual! I truly want to come back someone new because I know who I was before isn’t the person God wants me to be! I love this time to learn and grow! I had a great week and worked very hard! Had intercambios with the assistants and some here as well! I learned a lot and the best things that happened. 1. In church XD We went to go look for an investigador wasn’t home so we got to church a little late and sat in the back, but there was Juan this 5 year old kid, who last week liked my CTR ring I had, the HLJ here. So Sister Sosa, his mom, got him one. SOOO When we were in sacrament meeting he was very excited to show me! He was like 3 rows up, and saw me and kept showing me his ring as high as he could!! Well, the best part was it was on his middle finger XD So him showing me his new HLJ ring was to me, a 5 year kid flipping me off during sacrament XD 2. We had a great time doing service for Vanesa and her family! We did loads of work and I felt great! Got some gnarly blisters but it was worth it for them. It was 5 of us going to work taking out trees and weeds and cutting everything out for their new house!! I love the mission and really get to grow everyday!!!!! Love and miss you be safe!!

Elder Walker